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Military Science

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Freshman Year

MLSC*1220*02 Learning To Lead I

Provides an initial glimpse of the military and the role that it plays in society.  Develops the student's comprehension of the American defense system as it envolved as the result of changes in the American society.  Typical subjects include ethics, leadership, effective goal setting, managing time and effort, and the tradition of a citizens' army.

Military Lab

Practical application in adventure training, one-rope bridges, rifle marksmanship, land navigation, drill and ceremonies, physical training.  Prerequisite:   MSL 101 (or concurrent).


Continuation of 101.  Provides instruction in military-related subjects of general student interest, i.e., confidence-building field trips, supervising an individual exercise program, development of individual soldiering skills, and leadership and professional ethics for the military.  Introduction to armed forces evolvements, overview of the Department of Defense, application of force in international relations.