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Below are links to fact sheets and useful publications relevant to pond and lake management in Arkansas. Clicking these links will take you to the host website of the publication, mostly from Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) and the USDA Extension Service database of publications of Arkansas and neighboring states, to download the files.

For local assistance, contact your USDA Extension Service county office (click here for link to county office directory).

For further assistance, or for questions and suggestion about content on this website, email or call (870) 575-8185.


SRAC 5006 - Economics of Aquaponics
SRAC 5007 - Principles of Small-Scale Aquaponics

Aquatic Vegetation - Control

MP 556 - Aquatic Vegetation Control in Arkansas 
SRAC 3602 - Aquatic Herbicide Mode of Action and Use Implications
SRAC 0466 - Algae Blooms in Commercial Fish Production Ponds
SRAC 4605 - Algal Toxins in Pond Aquaculture

Aquatic Vegetation - Establishing Beneficial Plants

H2O-015 - Shorescaping Freshwater Shorelines


SRAC 0140 - Forage Fish - Introduction and Species

Bird Predation


Fee Fishing / Pay Lakes / Fishing Leases

Fish Kills and Diseases

Fish Species Profiles

Fish Stocking and Management

Arkansas Sportfish Suppliers List

Hybrid Striped Bass

Largemouth Bass

FSA 9612 - Stock Enhancement as a Fishery Management Tool for Largemouth Bass


FSA 9527 - Best Management Practices for Livestock Farms
FSA 3021 - Water for Beef Cattle
FSA 3128 - Watering Systems for Cattle Ponds
FSA 3024 - Nitrate Poisoning in Cattle


Pond Design, Construction and Repair

Pond Treatments

Professional Pond and Lake Management Companies in Arkansas
(email for inclusion on this list - inclusion does not imply endorsement) 

AR - Aquatic Resources Consulting - Lonoke
(501) 676-6950 -

AR Office - SOLitude Lake Management - Little Rock
(866) 874-4033 -

AR - Sunrise Fisheries - Lake Village
(870) 265-1205 -



Water Quality