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Aquaculture / Fisheries - "Center of Excellence"

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Aquaculture / Fisheries - Research Program

Research Background

The UAPB Aquaculture and Fisheries Center is responsible for conducting research focused on commercial, recreational and natural disciplines of fish production and management statewide. Arkansas, the Natural State, is a leader in overall aquaculture production in the United States, especially in baitfish and sportfish, and has abundant aquatic resources that attract increasing numbers of tourists for recreation.  Recreational fishing is an important component. Additionally, there are more than 600,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs, and 9,700 miles of rivers and streams in Arkansas containing numerous fish species with both economic and ecological value. The Center’s diverse research projects reflect Arkansas’ equally diverse and abundant aquatic resources.

Research, Teaching and Extension

The basic and applied research conducted through the UAPB Aquaculture and Fisheries Center is fully integrated into the Center’s equally important teaching and extension outreach responsibilities. The development of MS and PhD candidates through research-based thesis and dissertations is a staple of the Center’s mission, with ample opportunities for undergraduate students to gain hands-on experience in both laboratory and field settings. Research findings and management recommendations are then published in peer-reviewed journals while extension outreach programs help stakeholders implement new practices and technologies on the ground level to complete the cycle of research, teaching and extension.

Primary Research Areas

Fish health
Fish nutrition
Fish production systems
Pond and hatchery engineering
Pond and hatchery management
Water quality management
Economics and marketing
Fish ecology
Fish population dynamics
Private impoundment management (ponds to reservoirs)
Public fisheries management (public reservoirs, lakes, streams and rivers)
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