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Nutrition and Food Science

Students of the Nutrition and Food Science Program will develop an understanding of the broader implications of diet on health and well-being. They will explore the social and cultural influences that impact dietary decisions within populations. This program will also focus on the nature and chemical composition of foods, ingredient behavior under different processing conditions and the application of this knowledge to improve the safety and quality of food.

The Nutrition and Food Science Program provides students with an advanced study program in nutrition science. The program covers advanced nutrition and human metabolism, nutrition and wellness, food and nutrition issues, sensory attributes of foods, food microbiology and food law and regulations. Students can choose an emphasis in either nutrition education or nutrition and food science research.

Graduates can pursue career opportunities as nutritionists, community nutrition educators, research assistant scientists, food microbiologists or specialists, food service directors, food laboratory managers, quality assurance specialists or weight loss specialists. They can also go on to pursue their master's degree in nutrition and food science or biomedical sciences.

For more information on the program, view the Nutrition and Food Science Curriculum

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