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Annual Reports

SAFHS 2022-2023 Annual Report
SAFHS 2021 Annual Report
SAFHS 2020 Annual Report
SAFHS 2019 Annual Report
SAFHS 2018 Annual Report

Agriculture and environmental sciences

ETB 259 Assessment of Storm Water Runoff Issues in Pine Bluff, White Hall, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Jefferson County
FSA 9613 Balancing Rations for Sheep and Goats
FSA 9603 Beef Cattle Identification
FSA 9625 Bloat in Small Ruminants
FSA 9610 Body Condition Scoring of Sheep
FSA 9518 Environmental Issues for Small Swine Farmers
FSA 9602 Coping With Fire Ants
FSA 9608 Fecal Egg Counting for Sheep and Goat Producers
FSA 9611 Feeding Ewes to Maximize Reproductive Success
FSA 6102 Fresh Market Southern Pea Production in South Arkansas
FSA 9607 Introduction to Goat Reproduction
FSA 6117 Lamb Brothers System of Container Gardening
FSA 9614 Managing Perinatal Mortality in Lambs
FSA 9605 Managing the Kidding Season
FSA 9615 Managing Perinatal Mortality in Goats
FSA 9606 Money Saving Ideas for Livestock Producers
FSA 6135 Nutritional and Medicinal Qualities of Sweetpotato Tops and Leaves
FSA 9601 Pesticide Spray Drift and Misuse Reporting Procedures
FSA 9617 Public Drinking Water Quality and Regulatory Guidelines That Impact Human Health
FSA 9609 Selection and Culling Decision Making for Hair Sheep Producers
FSA 9616 Use of Hair Sheep in Arkansas
FSA 9604 Using Goats for Brush Control as a Business Strategy
FSA 7056 Wireworm Control in Sweet Potato
MP 422 Year-Round Home Garden Planting Chart
Farm Sense - June 2020
Farm Sense - December 2020
Farm Sense - July 2021
Farm Sense - January 2022
Farm Sense - February 2022
Farm Sense - May 2022
Farm Sense - September 2022
Farm Sense - December 2022


Sport Fish Supplier List for Farm Pond Stocking
S 303 4-H Baitcasting and Game Fish Identification
S 207 4-H Reel Into Sport Fishing
FSA 9094 Algal Blooms, Scums and Mats in Ponds
FSA 9055 Aquaculture Alternatives in Arkansas
MP 435 Aquaculture Producer's Quick Reference Handbook
FSA 9622 Aquaponics in Arkansas: Potential Permits and Licenses
MP 556 Aquatic Vegetation Control in Arkansas
FSA 9093 Arkansas Farm Pond Management Calendar
FSA 9619 Control of Bullfrogs and Their Tadpoles on Commercial Fish Farms
ETB 260 Costs of Raising Largemouth Bass Fingerlings
ETB 261 Cost of Regulations on Producers of Baitfish and Sportfish in Arkansas
MP360 Farm Pond Management for Recreational Fishing
FSA 9618 Is Aquaponics for You? Realities and Potentials for Arkansas
FSA 9623 Lesser Scaup Predation on Arkansas Baitfish and Sportfish Farms
ETB 256 Nutrition and Feeding of Baitfish
FSA 9629 Potential Impact of Herbicide Overspray on Phytoplankton Blooms in Arkansas Ponds
FSA 9540 Recognizing, Understanding and Treating Harmful Algal Blooms
MP 44 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control
FSA 9621 Repairing and Upgrading Older Classroom Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
FSA 9612 Stock Enhancement as a Fishery Management Tool for Largemouth Bass
FSA 9620 Understanding and Maintaining Older Classroom Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
FSA 9090 Understanding Your Fish Pond Water Analysis Report
FSA 9626 Watermeal and Duckweed Control in Arkansas Ponds
FSA 9628 Winter Drawdowns for Aquatic Weed Control and Pond Management
Arkansas Aquafarming, Vol. 37, Issue 1

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