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     Ms. Shurunda S. Thrower
   Instructor of Criminal Justice

Contact Information:


Office: Dawson Hicks 352

Phone: (870) 575-8585

1200 North University Drive, Mail Slot 4988

Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Curriculum Vitae


M.S. - Sociology, Mississippi State University

M.A. - Criminal Justice, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

B.A. - Criminal Justice, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


Courses Taught:
CRJU 2350 Introduction to Criminal Justice; CRJU 2355 Introduction to Corrections; CRJU 2370 Judicial Process; CRJU 2380 Victimology; CRJU 2385 Probation and Parole; CRJU 3340 Criminology; CRJU 3343 Juvenile Delinquency; CRJU 3352 Legal Aspects of Corrections; CRJU 3354 Community-Based Corrections; CRJU 3356 Juvenile Correctional Systems; CRJU 3363 Police Community Relations; CRJU 3364 Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement; CRJU 3365 Criminal Law; CRJU 3368 Principles of Law and Evidence; CRJU 4325 Seminar in Criminal Justice; CRJU 4326 Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice; CRJU 4328 Criminal Procedures; CRJU 4363 Administration & Management of Criminal Justice Agencies; CRJU 3370 Race, Crime, and Justice; SOCI 1320 Introduction to Social Science; SOCI 2310 Introduction to Sociology; SOCI 2320 Social Problems; SOCI 3305 Urban Community; SOCI 3320 Race and Ethnic Relations.


Research Interests:
Ms. Thrower joined the UAPB Criminal Justice Faculty in 1996. Her research interests include victimization, domestic violence, and race and the criminal justice system. She is also a member of the University of Arkansas System’s eVersity Criminal Justice Curriculum Team and Sociology Course Developer.