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Gerontology is a multi-disciplinary program designed to provide students with a background in the liberal arts and a core of general and specialized courses in gerontology. Candidates for the degree receive fundamental knowledge of aging processes, specialized training in a job-related area of gerontological geriatric service and experiential learning. Disciplines participating in the program include sociology, human sciences, social work, physical education and recreation and nursing. The gerontology block is designed to provide the students with three training components.


1. A general core of gerontology courses that incorporates strong rural and minority elements in all course work (15 semester hours).

2. Electives including geriatric casework and counseling; community health services; program administration and management requires eighteen (27) semester hours.

3. Student in-service training at an agency, for which students receive six (6) hours credit.



1. To provide a broad-based, multi-disciplinary academic program for students interested in careers in the field of aging.

2. To prepare students for the realities of the job market by providing experiential learning through practicum and the creation of the creation of job forums and career placement counseling.

3. To train persons employed in service-oriented programs for the elderly.

4. To recruit and train students for careers in gerontology, with an emphasis on minority students and those interested in working with the elderly in rural areas.

5. To maintain a link between training and research that focuses on assisting rural and minority elderly.



The Bachelor of Arts degree in gerontology requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, including the general education and institutional requirements, gerontology required courses and gerontology electives. The major in gerontology requires 15 hours of core course work. In addition, gerontology majors must complete 27 hours of elective courses and six hours of field internship.