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   Michael J. Lynch III, Ph.D.
   Associate Professor of History

Contact Information:


Office: Dawson Hicks 258

Phone: (870) 575-8171

1200 North University Drive, Mail Slot 4988

Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Curriculum Vitae


A.A. in Business (1993), Del Mar College - Corpus Christi

B.A. in Physical Geography and Cartography (1993), University of Texas - Austin

M. A. in History and Politics (1996), Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Ph.D. in Historical Geography (2003), Texas A&M University - College Station

Post-Doctoral Graduate Work (2010), Command and General Staff College


Courses Taught:

World Regional Geography, Geography of North America, Human Geography (Graduate Level), Earth Science I, Earth Science II, Advanced Earth Science (Graduate Level), U.S. History to 1877, U.S. History since 1877, Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, English History to 1688, English History since 1688, English History 1603-1800, Europe since 1920, The Reformation, African American History to 1865, History of the Middle East and the Islamic World, Classical Greece, Roman Republic, Modern Russia, Historiography, Readings in African American History (Graduate Level), Readings in Western European History (Graduate Level), Major Governments of Western Europe, The Presidency, American Political Thought (Graduate Level), Methods of Teaching Social Sciences


Research Interests:

The activities of Judge J.T. Canales of Brownsville, Texas, textile production in Ireland, riparian erosion and vegetation pattern on the banks of a semi-urban ephemeral stream, and the Permian Reef Complex (El Capitan/Guadalupe Peak) in West Texas to examine the role of marine biotia in the development of lithic formations.