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Political Science



The Political Science Program is administered by the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science with a concentration in political science. The political Science program also has a pre-law focus for students who are interested in going to law school. Therefore, students in the program typically pursue law school, graduate school, and/or obtain employment in local, state, or national government. Our political program is unique because it is the only program in the state of Arkansas that offers specialized courses on African and African American politics. 


1. To study the structure and functions of government.

2. To understand political behavior and policy processes.

3. To aid in preparing students for public service, journalism, and law.

4. To attain practical knowledge and experience in administrative methods and techniques of

    state, local or national governments.

5. To provide pre-requisites for students interested in advanced degrees in political science, law

    or public administration.



The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science requires a minimum of 120 hours.