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As society becomes increasingly complex, the need for the services of specialists in psychology grows.
  1. To provide the necessary background for graduate work in any field of psychology.
  2. To prepare students for positions in industry, diagnostic centers, mental health clinics, drug abuse and crisis centers, social welfare agencies and other related human services fields.
  3. To provide service courses in the General Education Curriculum for other academic departments.
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology requires a minimum of 125 hours, including the following psychology core courses:
Required Courses (33 hours)
PSYC 2300 General Psychology
PSYC 2302 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 2303 History and Systems
PSYC 3300 Psychological Statistics I
PSYC 3301 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 3302 Personality
PSYC 3306 Perception
PSYC 4300 Psychological Statistics II
PSYC 4301 Experimental Psychology
PSYC 4302 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 4310/4311 Seminar in Psychology
Psychology electives (12 hours)
PSYC 2304 Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 3303 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3305 Psychological Assessment
PSYC 3307 Psychology and Law
PSYC 3303 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 3310 Social Psychology
PSYC 4303 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSYC 4304 Human Sexuality
PSYC 4305 Human Performance and Information Processing
PSYC 4307 Human Factors
PSYC 4309 Health Psychology
PSYC 4312/4600 Independent Studies
General Electives/Minor (25 hours)
There is a combined total of twenty-five (25) hours in general electives and a minor. Having a minor is not a requirement, but the department recommends that in order to fulfill the requirement for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology (125 hours) the student take the needed twenty-five (25) hours in one area or discipline. If, however, the student chooses not to minor, then the 25 hours can be taken from any area of interest to the student.
Select from any area, including ROTC, the Sciences, Business, Computer Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Art, Journalism, etc.
Minor in Psychology
For students who desire to have a minor in psychology, at least eighteen (18) hours are required. Depending on the student's major and later career interests, the specific courses required for a minor are determined with the help of the coordinator of the psychology program.