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   Angela Andrade, Ph.D.

   Associate Professor of Psychology


Contact Information:


Office: Dawson Hicks 260

Phone: (870) 575-8184

1200 North University Drive, Mail Slot 4988

Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology with training in Experimental Social Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology (2014): Oklahoma State University

M.S. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology: Oklahoma State University

B.S. in Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology: Westminster College

A.S. in International Studies, Spanish emphasis: Salt Lake Community College


Courses Taught:

PSYC 2300, General Psychology; PSYC 2302, Developmental Psychology; PSYC 2304, Adolescent Psychology; PSYC 3302, Psychology of Personality; PSYC 3307, Psychology and Law; PSYC 3300, Psychological Statistics I; PSYC 3310, Social Psychology; PSYC 4300, Psychological Statistics II; PSYC 4301, Experimental Psychology; PSYC 4310, Seminar in Psychology; PSYC 4313, Advanced Social Psychology; PSYC 4312 & 4600, Independent Studies; PSYC 4610, Internship in Psychology


Research Interests:

Dr. Andrade’s research interests lie within social psychology, particularly on issues of social inequality based on race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. She is currently involved in progressing four main lines of research in this vein: (1) the negative impact that sexist novels may have on women and society, (2) social class marginalization based on stereotypes, (3) racial subgroup prejudice, and (4) the personal and interpersonal costs of covering a sexual identity.