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Social Studies Education

The B. A. Social Science: Social Studies Education Degree program is a cooperative effort between the UAPB School of Education and the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Both organizations strive to provide students preparing for the education profession with the philosophical and mechanistic skill sets necessary to succeed in and excel in the profession of education.  Additionally this co-operative program strives to prepare each student for the rigors of the profession and instill within each student the ethics required to be an exceptional educator.


The educational skill sets are instilled in each education student through course work in three areas of achievement.  These are: the general education requirement, the professional educational courses, and the required social science courses.  The general education requirement is composed of thirteen courses designed to prepare each student for the basic university level education and expand the knowledge base of these students.  The professional educational courses prepare each student foe the administrative and classroom aspects of the educational profession.  This is accomplished through seven classroom courses and two student teaching course experiences.  The required social science courses provide the student with baseline knowledge which will allow and encourage proficiency in teaching social science subjects and encourage the life long learning expected of a dedicated and superior educator.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the B. A. Social Science: Social Studies Education degree through the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is to prepare exceptional pk - 12 social studies teachers for Arkansas.  This will be accomplished by following the guidelines of the Arkansas Department of Education for course requirements and rigor of training courses.  Additionally, the program will be coordinated by a certified licensed social studies teacher who also holds a master’s degree and/or a Ph.D. in one or more of the social studies.



         The B. A. Social Science: Social Studies Education degree will:

1. Provide students with theoretical constructs, knowledge, and skills applicable to the teaching profession.

2. Provide real world examples drawn from licensed teachers on how to employ these theoretical concepts in the classroom.

3. Provide concepts and motivation for our students which will empower them to teach students by judicious employment of classroom discipline and content dissemination.


Program Competencies:

1. Completion of a course of study which prepares students with a fundamental understanding of the subject matter contained within the discipline of social studies.

2. Understand and employ professional and ethical principles to teaching.

3. Develop an appreciation for diversity, differences, human rights, economic justice, and an appreciation for the best qualities for American culture.

4. Develop a professional demeanor towards one’s students, their parents, one’s colleagues, and one’s superiors in academia.



Any student interested in completing the B. A. Social Science: Social Studies Education degree must meet officially with the coordinator of the B. A. Social Science: Social Studies Education degree program within the department of Social and behavioral Sciences.  The student and the coordinator will enter into a contract.  This contract will include the courses needed to complete the course of training, a tentative schedule of courses to be successfully completed, and a schedule of meetings which will validate the student’s progress with the coordinator.



Once a student declares official intent to achieve the B. A. Social Science: Social Studies

Education degree, that student must meet with the coordinator of the degree within the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences to begin the process of orientation.  From the time of the declaration of intent, the student has two advisors, the advisor assigned them from University college, and the coordinator of the degree program within the department of social and behavioral Sciences.  Failure to meet with and follow the guidance of the department coordinator is grounds for removal of the student from the degree program.



Transfer students, upon declaring the B. A. Social Science: Social Studies Education degree as their major must meet with the department coordinator to begin the process previously described in the Orientation section of this handbook.  Previous academic course credit will be examined by the Registrar’s Office and the department coordinator for acceptance.  Official transcripts, provided by the student, will be utilized by the department coordinator in verifying the validity of previously completed course work.  If there is any question concerning the validity of any documentation, the departmental coordinator will verify the documents with the issuing organization.  Credit from an accredited community college will be accepted, with a maximum credit limit of sixty-eight (68) semester hours, or its equivalent, to be applied.