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Curriculum Requirements

A cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher in the social work courses is required. If a student receives a grade “C” or lower, he/she will have to repeat course(s).

The Social Work Program requires a minimum of 124 semester hours for a Bachelor of Arts degree. There is no minor in Social Work. The course requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work fall in the following major categories:

General education and institutional requirements (46 hours). In addition, one foreign language required --Spanish (MDFL 2311) and one microcomputer application course.
(CPSC 2363 or MIS 1312) (6 hours).
Social work required courses (36 hours).
Social work electives (12 hours).
Social science additional requirements (24 hours).

 Required Social Work Courses (36 hours)       Social Work Course Descriptions

SWRK 2305 Introduction to Social Work
SWRK 2307 Social Welfare Policy
SWRK 3308 Social Legislation
SWRK 3310 Research Methods
SWRK 3311 Statistical Tech. in Social Work
SWRK 3322 Human Behavior & Social Environment I
SWRK 3323 Human Behavior & Social Environment II
SWRK 3350 Social Work Methods I
SWRK 3351 Social Work Methods II
SWRK 4310 Field Experience & Lab I
SWRK 4311 Field Experience & Lab II
SWRK 4365 Senior Seminar in Social Work

Social Work Electives (12 hours required)

SWRK 2306 Social Work Lab
SWRK 3333 Rural Social Work
SWRK 3324 Drug Abuse
SWRK 3352 Social Work with Emotionally Disturbed Children
SWRK 3372 Family Preservation
SWRK 3392 Child Welfare Services
SWRK 4360 Community Planning & Development
SWRK 4363 Independent Study (Approved by Social Work Director & Advisor)

Note: The Social Work Program reserves the right to make changes at any time in the individual courses and in the curriculum leading to the degree.