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Faculty and Staff

*C&I refers to Curriculum and Instruction Department

*HPER refers to Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department

Dr. Pamela Russ Interim Dean, School of Education
Dr. Vera Lang-Brown Interim Chair, CI
Dr. Todd Garner
Chair, HPER
Ms. Liza Johnson
Research Assistnant
Dean's Office

Mrs. Kaidra Dockett    
Adm. Specialist
Dean's Office          

Dr. Will Torrence
Associate Professor, HPER                   

Dr. Glenda Kennedy

Professor C&I
(870) 575-8247

Dr. Bettye Wright
Associate Professor C&I/
Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Felicia Taylor-Waller
Assistant Professor HPER

Dr. Garry Lewis
CAEP Coordinator/ Associate Professor
(870) 575-7028
Mrs. Willie Mae Hobbs
Coordinator of Field Experience/Direct of Student Teaching
/Licensure Officer
(870) 575-8742 
Ms. Mitzy Allen
Administrative Specialist
(870) 575-7008
Ms. Betty Anthony
Instructor HPER
(870) 575-8661

Dr. Leonard Williams
Assistant Professor HPER
(870) 575-8678
Mr. Mark Cooper
Instructor HPER
(870) 575-8671
Mr. LaTria Jones
HPER Instructor

Ms. Carolyn Nance
Administrative Specialist - HPER
(870) 575-7184
Ms. Denika Smith
Specialist - HPER
(870) 575-7974
Mr. Tyrell Meadows
Lab Assistant
(870) 575-8310

Mr. James Jackson
Learning Plus Lab
(870) 575-8310

Mrs. Andreyetta Dennis



Dr. Will Torrence
Associate Professor                   

Ms. Liza Thompson
Adm. Specialist