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Golden Gateway

The Golden Gateway is a self-service application that provides easy access to plan courses, create semester schedules, and register for classes. Faculty use self-service for advisement and to review and approve course selections for advisees. Note: you can only register for advisor-approved courses. Be sure to review your course schedule after registering to ensure all classes are accounted for. Learn more about how to access the portal in the videos below or enter the Golden Gateway portal now.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Todd Garner at (870) 575-8656 or


University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Fall 2021 Course Schedule Details

While registering, make sure you know the in person and/or virtual meeting requirements for classes. 

If the meeting days and times are listed with class details, then the class is (LECTURE/WEB/HYBRID).

If the meeting days and times are not listed with class details, then the class is (WEB).

  • The class will meet in person or virtually during the specified day/time.
  • The instructor will clarify the class meeting obligation in the course syllabus.

  • The class is completely online and students do not have an in-person meeting obligation.  There is no scheduled meeting day or time.
  • The instructor will post assignments in Blackboard with designated due dates listed in the course syllabus and in Blackboard.