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Eligibility for Graduation

  1. All eligible students must follow an established curriculum and earn a minimum of 124/120 semester hours (excluding developmental courses).  The exact required credits vary per undergraduate program and catalog year.
  1. Students must complete all of their general education requirements and officially exit University College.  General education courses cannot be counted toward the major.  Developmental courses cannot be counted toward major requirements or electives.
  1. Students must earn a 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average. Transfer students must earn a 2.00 minimum institutional (UAPB) and cumulative grade point average. Programs requiring a higher cumulative grade point average must be attained by students for completion.
  1. A minimum grade of “C” is required for each major course.  (supporting courses may require a minimum grade of “C” per undergraduate program and curriculum.
  1. All credits must be earned by the end of the semester  of which the student is applying for clearance.  This includes transfer credits, independent studies, Co-Op, CLEP credit, and incomplete grades.
  1. All students must pass UAPB’s Writing Proficiency examination (formerly the English Proficiency) or the Common Examination administered in English 1311 (ENGL 1311).  Students completing ENGL 1311 at UAPB Fall 2000 and beyond will be permitted to use the Common Examination in lieu of the Writing Proficiency.  Education majors may use the Praxis Writing Score to satisfy this requirement.  This policy also applies to transfer students who complete ENGL1311 at UAPB (Fall 2000 and beyond).

NOTE:  Students seeking a second degree at UAPB must be aware of the requirements and policies regarding second degrees.  Please refer to the current University Catalog.

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General Requirements

    Students who are required to take developmental courses must complete each course with a minimum grade of “C”.
    A minimum grade of “C” is required in ENGL 1311 and ENGL 1321.  (ENGL 1310 is a developmental course and cannot be used as an English elective)
    Elementary Algebra (MATH 1310), Intermediate Algebra (MATH 1320), and Introduction to Algebra (MATH 1415). [Note: Effective Spring 2011, MATH 1415 replaces MATH 1310/1320] are developmental courses and cannot be used to satisfy College Algebra or any type of elective.

    Checklist for Developmental Courses
    State Minimum Core Curriculum and Institutional Requirements

     ASDS 1210 Basic Reading**    English/Communications (6)  Fine Arts/Humanities (6)  Social Science (3) 
     ASDS 1211 Basic Reading**    ENGL 1311 Engl Comp I  MUSI 2330 Music Appr & Hist  HIST 2315 US Hist to 1877  
     ENGL 1310 Basic English**      ENGL 1321 Engl Comp II    ART 2340 Art Appr & Hist   HIST 2318 US Hist since 1877  
     MATH 1310 Elem Algebra**       HUMN 2301 Humanities    PSCI 2312 American Government  
     MATH 1320 Inter Algebra**      Literature (3)   HUMN 2340 Effect Think-Logic
     MATH 1415 Intro to Algebra* **      ENGL 2300 Intro to Literature  THTR 2324 Theatre Appr  Social Science Electives (6)   
     **Minimum grade of “C” is required.      ENGL 2360 World Lit I      ECON 2310 Prin/Econ I   
         ENGL 2361 World Lit II    ECON 2320 Prin/Econ II  
     Institutional Requirements (11)        SOCI 2310 Intro/Sociology   
     HIST 1330 Western Civil I    Science (4-Biol; 4-Chem)  Mathematics (3)   SOCI 1320 Intro/Soc Sci  
     BAS 1120 Career/Life Plan      BIOL 1450 Biol Science  MATH 1330 College Algebra  HIST 1340 Western Civil I  
     BAS 1210 Per/Soc Develop    BIOL 1455 Prin of Biol    MATH 1340 College Trig   GEOG 2360 World Regional Geog  
     HLPE 1310 Health & Safety     CHEM 1411 Phy Science    MATH 1350 Pre-Calculus I  PSYC 2300 Gen Psychology  
     or HUSC 1311 Nutrition & Wellness    CHEM 1430 Gen Chem  MATH 1351 Pre-Calculus II    
     HLPE __________________    CHEM 1410 Prin of Chem  MATH 2510 Calculus I    
     HLPE __________________    PHYS 1445 Intro to Astronomy      
     MCOM 2390 Oral Comm.          
    NOTE: The specific course requirements may vary according to the curriculum a student is following. Students following the new 120 Curricula are only required to take one hour of activity PE (HLPE). Students must satisfy the Writing Proficiency and AAGE/Rising Junior requirements before officially exiting University College.


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    Requirements by Major

    Students must meet routinely with their departmental advisor and review curriculum requirements and degree plans.Three semesters prior to graduation, students must file an “Intent to Graduate’ application within their respective major department. The Intent to Graduate form does not replace the formal application for graduation in the Registrar’s Office nor the Cashier’s Clearance form. The department clearance officer will review the ‘Intent to Graduate’ form, course requirements met, and document remaining requirements for degree completion. Most departments utilize degree audit in determining program status. This is not final clearance, but a pre-clearance in determining graduation eligibility. 

    In the rare instance that your advisor and/or department chairperson substitutes one major course requirement for another, an official substitution form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the department.

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    Applying for Graduation

    Once determined that you are on track to graduate, you must file an application with the Registrar’s Office by the deadline dates as specified in the annual Academic Calendar. Applications are available online or in the Registrar’s Office, Administration Building – Room 109.

    When completing the application, print clearly to avoid mistakes on your diploma. Indicate how you would like your name on the diploma to read. For example, Mary E. Brown or Mary Elizabeth Brown.

    NOTE: The application for graduation in the Registrar’s Office is different from the Cashier’s Clearance form. Students must officially apply for graduation with the Registrar.

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    What happens after you apply

    If the student’s degree plan or audit indicates ‘anticipated complete’ during the semester of application, the student will receive correspondence from the Registrar’s Office regarding specific information relative to Commencement and remaining deadlines. This correspondence signifies that the student is ‘tentatively cleared’ pending the successful completion of currently enrolled courses, incompletes, and required exit examinations.

    If the student’s degree plan or audit does not indicate ‘anticipated complete’ during the semester of application, the student will receive correspondence from the Registrar’s Office indicating that the student is deficient and not on track for graduation. Deficient applicants should immediately meet with their respective advisor or department clearance officer. Deficient students’ applications will automatically be “rolled over” to the next term.

    A status report of tentatively cleared and deficient applicants will be forwarded to the student’s major department.

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    Ceremony Participation Policy

    Students must have completed all degree requirements prior to the ceremony to be allowed to participate. Those with requirements still outstanding at the time of graduation must participate in the next scheduled ceremony, provided all degree requirements are satisfied. The University holds two Exercises; one in December and May.

    Informational letters containing specifics in finalizing requirements, attire, rehearsal, and deadline dates are sent to each cleared candidate four to six weeks prior to Commencement. General information is provided as follows:
    • Incomplete Grades & Transfer Credits: Official transcripts showing outstanding transfer credits and final grades for all incomplete work and any correspondence courses not previously recorded should be submitted to the Registrar's Office two weeks prior to Commencement. The final degree audit and clearance for graduation cannot be performed until this is accomplished.
    • University Accounts: All outstanding accounts with University Offices should be cleared as soon as possible. 
    • Interviews: An exit interview with Student Financial Services may be required of students participating in Perkins and Guaranteed Student Loan programs. Please contact this office for specific details if you believe this may be applicable to you.
    • Diplomas: Diplomas can be mailed to students three to five business days after Commencement if students prefer. Students must request in writing or by fax authorizing the Registrar’s Office to mail their diploma. The request should be signed and dated accompanied with a student identification number. Download it here
    • Announcements and Class Rings: The University does not provide for these services. You may contact the Follett Bookstore on campus (870-575-8856) or a vendor of your choice regarding these. 
    • Regalia: Caps and gowns (regalia) are ordered by the Registrar’s Office using the information provided by students on the application for graduation. The designated distribution date, time, and location are announced in the Commencement informational letters. Appropriate attire for graduates will be indicated in the information letter as well.
    • Name Participation Card: Each degree candidate will receive a NAME PARTICIPATION CARD. Your name will be read from the card during the conferring of degrees. Name cards will be issued on the day of Commencement and specific instructions will be given during rehearsal. 
    • Photographer: A photographer will be available at the commencement ceremony to provide graduation pictures. Photographs are optional. Proofs will be sent to the address listed on file in the Registrar’s Office. For information, AFTER the ceremony contact: Candid Color of Arkansas, Inc., P.O. Box 523, Cabot, AR 72023-0523.
    • Commencement DVD: DVD copies of the Commencement Exercises (recorded by UAPB-TV 24) will be available for purchase within one week after the ceremony. For purchasing information, please contact UAPB-TV 24 at 870-575-4789. 
    The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff views Commencement Exercises as a formal and ceremonious academic observance. In realizing that this is an exuberant time, the University appreciates full cooperation from all participants, including graduates and their invited guests in expressing excitement. Disorderly or disruptive conduct that prevents others from hearing the speakers and names of graduates is intolerable. The University reserves the right to remove disruptive persons from the Commencement Ceremony. Prohibited Items such as beach balls, air horns, bells, and clackers, etc., will be confiscated by officials.


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