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The Office of Assessment hosted a Problem Solving Webinar tomorrow, April 9, at 11 am (Central) using Zoom. Just as instruction continues despite Covid-19, assessment and improvement needs to continue. Fortunately, LiveText has always been a web-based system to manage assessment, so the process of assessing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) has not been affected by Covid-19.

We received feedback suggesting the institutional SLO Problem Solving has been challenging to incorporate into instruction. Furthermore, we heard that creating assignments allowing assessment with the AAC&U Problem Solving rubric also presents challenges. We hear you. To provide support and a professional development opportunity the Office of Assessment has arranged a Problem Solving Webinar series. These four 1-hour Webinars (occurring April 9, 16, 23, and 30 at 11:00 am) will help instructors…
Become Better Problem Solvers
Learn to teach Problem Solving
Learn to create assignments for assessing Problem Solving skills

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On July 12, 2019 in the SA Haley Auditorium at the 1890 Extension Building, Department chairs and Co-curricular program directors were addressed by Mr. Chuck Maher (CEM Consulting). Mr. Maher was instrumental in the 2015 change to rubric-based, data-driven assessment here at UAPB. Chuck’s workshop, entitled: “Assessment Data: Your building blocks to program improvement and closing the loop”, was intended to help improve the way assessment data is reviewed, interpreted and reported. Mr. Maher spoke on growing the culture of assessment on campus, how to report improvement, and things to consider when closing the loop.

According to survey results, Department heads walked away with a better understanding of the Assessment Process, and how to use the data from their programs to start conversations with their staff about ways to improve student learning.

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On May 2 2018, The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Advising and the Office of Assessment held a half day workshop on Critical Thinking Pedagogy.  

The goal of this workshop was to introduce UAPB instructors to several models of critical thinking and strategies for implementing those models in the classroom. The workshop was led by a team from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Critical Thinking For Educators




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