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Responsibility (STAR)

STAR is a structured academic recovery program to help students stay or get on track to persist and graduate. The program is open to all students through referral, students at-risk of academic suspension and is required for students admitted or returning through appeal or readmitted students.

The mission of the program is to help students identify their individual academic needs and barriers that prevent optimal performance and then develop skills to meet their educational goals.

Program Structure

Every student enrolled in the program:
Must complete-
  • A student data form
  • A one-time self-assessment survey
  • A one-time persistence survey
  • An intake interview with the student success center
  • An annual student success center program evaluation and
Must agree-
  • To comply with program terms and requirements by initial and signature.

Program Terms

  • Limit enrollment to no more than 15 semester hours or as indicated by appeal policy.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0-semester grade point average for the academic term.
  • Spend a minimum of five hours a week studying in an approved study site on campus and provide documentation of those hours to their SSC coach.
  • Adhere to the STAR attendance policy, which allows no unexcused absences. 
  • Receive coaching in the Student Success Center (SSC) and or meet regularly with a counselor in the Student Counseling, Assessment, and Development Center if recommended. 
  • Take on-campus courses. NO online or correspondence courses are allowed.
  • Pre-register each semester.

Participant Requirements

  • Attend STAR orientation at the beginning of each semester of program enrollment. 
  • Attend a series of Student Success Workshops. Topics may include time management, personal responsibility, study skills, how to talk to professors, and motivation, etc. 
  • Seek assistance immediately for any potential problems whether academic, personal or social.
  • Meet with all course professors the 3rd, 7th (midterm) 11th week of the semester to discuss academic progress. The student will request an updated academic report during meetings and obtain the professor's signature. The reports are collected and evaluated by the SSC coach, who meets with the student to discuss problems.
  • Adhere to prescribed interventions and referrals. 
  • Pass all courses each semester.
  • Access UAPB email and check incoming messages regularly.
  • Make a friend in each class.