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College Navigator is a free consumer information tool that guides, leads, and directs students, parents, high school counselors and other interested parties to information about higher education institutions. The primary data source for College Navigator is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, or IPEDS.  There is an abundance of statistical data related to various aspects of the university such as demographics, programs, facilities, and sports.  You will find information  including but not limited to, the school’s male/female population, ethnic groups, financial aid awards, housing, cost to attend, retention rates and sports on  this  site.

Disbursement of Books and Supplies

Pell grant eligible students and all other students who have been awarded financial aid are eligible to charge the cost of books and supplies to their student account against their anticipated federal and state financial aid.  This is allowable for students who have an anticipated credit balance after institutional charges have been satisfied and have registered for classes.  Any charges not covered by financial aid are the responsibility of the student.

Book charging is allowed at least two days before classes start each semester and will remain open for at least five business days later.  If students do not charge their book costs during the allowable timeframe, then students must pay out of pocket. 

Constitution Day, a special day set aside to celebrate the United States Constitution, falls on September 17th. This day is to be celebrated either a week before or after September 17th. It is the policy of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to celebrate this day during the week leading to September 17th.

Announcements for the celebration of Constitution Day are posted around campus by members of the Political Science Club, public service announcements are prepared for KUAP (the campus Radio Station), and an announcement on the celebration appears on the UAPB marquee throughout the week leading to the celebration. Activities generally include invited speakers on campus and the Political Science Club organizes a mock signing of the constitution by students in front of the Student Union. Copies of the Constitution are distributed to students, faculty, and staff after going through the mock signing activity.