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Maintaining your page(s) - how to get started

1. Fill out the Web Content Form to designate an Online Content Manager (OCM) [download the form]
2. Develop a plan for your content (update/develop new or existing content)

3. Attend training to learn about using the CMS (Content Management System)
4. Maintain your site

OCM's will receive periodic updates on best practices, writing for the web and professional development opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.

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Content Guidelines
Below is a brief reference about the types of content that can be uploaded to the site. An extensive web standards guide is forthcoming.

Rich Text  or plain text format (rtf). Text styles such as bold and italics should be specified. The font should be left in a generic format (i.e. Arial, Times New Roman).
Images JPEG, GIFor PNG up to 625 pixels (8 inches) in width, RGB format
AVI, MOV, DIVX, FLV, M4V, WMA or Flash
Homepage Slideshow JPEG format, 1036 pixels wide by 428 pixels tall
Documents PDF or any Microsoft Office format (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Web Policy

I. Web Advisory Committee
The design and content of active public Internet pages accessible via the domain are subject to review and approval by the Web Administrator.
Every UAPB academic department and administrative office with an active public Internet page (or pages) accessible via the domain must review that page (or pages) before the beginning of each semester or summer session to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.
Every dean, academic department chair and administrative office head is responsible for certifying each review, which may be conducted by a staff member or committee appointed for that purpose.
Every dean, academic department chair and administrative office head is also responsible for appointing a designated Web Content Provider (WCP) responsible for submitting revision’s and/or updates for the departments web pages.
Failure to follow these policies may result in the removal of any unauthorized or incorrect information posted on the domain.
II.   Web Page Levels of Content and Responsibility
University Web pages contain official university information and are in direct support of the university's mission. Examples include but are not limited to the catalog, faculty/student handbook, university directory and information about the campus, financial aid, admissions and institutional advancement.
All information found on other domains is considered to be unofficial information and cannot be claimed as official university policy.
Departmental Web pages include information encouraged by the university but maintained by web content provider. All departmental Web pages are in direct support of the university's mission. Examples include but are not limited to academic departments, student services, campus events, athletics, administration, and other informational resources.   Information on these pages is submitted by the Online Content Providers (OCM) in each department with technical services support as needed. Information on these pages is the responsibility of the department head/chair and their OCM. Departments are encouraged to conform to applicable university Web design standards.
III.    Use of University Web Pages
University and departmental Web pages must be informative and consistent with the mission of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. University policies and regulations must be adhered to. The university Web servers may not be used for any activity prohibited by law.
Any person or group approving Web pages information must be aware of and follow university policies regarding confidentiality, harassment and computer usage. University OCMs cannot use copyrighted images, text, or software without permission.

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Social Media 

The official social media sites for the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff are as follows:
Facebook -
Twitter -
YouTube -

Wordpress -
Instagram -
SoundCloud -


Use the acronym of the institution in your name, handle and hashtags (see example)

  • UAPB Office of Recruitment
  • UAPB Historians
  • @Uapb_Sigmas1914
  • #uapb140fc

Be Clear

Don’t put any spin on your information. Your content is reflective of the institution. Don’t retweet or share unreliable information.

Be Objective

You may be contacted about issues and concerns about your area. Resolve complaints and grievances, don’t become the source of them.

Be Consistent

Add engaging content on a regular basis. Visitors will only check as often as you post.

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Free Stock Photography

It is illegal to use images from another website without paid licensing or their express permission. To aid in your search, listed below are links to sites that offer rights-free, royalty-free stock photography. The images shown on their sites fall under creative common licensing, allowing you to use them without reference or cost. Rights-managed images can only be used with the express permission of that respective company/agency (i.e. Shutterstock, Corbis, etc.).

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