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On-campus Recruiting

Connect with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) to interview for your new hires, host an information session/table event or conduct classroom presentations.  Our students are recruited by major corporations and government agencies. We make your recruiting easy by providing a one stop service. We will accommodate virtual or in-person recruiting efforts. You make your request and the Office of Career Services will take care of the rest. Let us schedule your organization today to recruit for summer internships, Cooperative Education and permanent career opportunities. 

Please follow the steps below or you may contact the Office of Career Services at 870-575-8461.

On-Campus or Virtual Interviews
Conducting interviews on-campus or virtually is a great way to access students on their home turf.  All on-campus interviews are held in the Office of Career Services located in Caldwell Hall, Suite 202.
Interviews are scheduled throughout the year and are tailored to fit your needs.  Please follow the steps below:

1. Select a recruitment date:

September 6-7, 12-14, 19 & 26
October 3-5, 24-25 & 31
November 1-2, 8-9, 14-16 & 28-30

January 9-11, 17-18, 23-25 & 30-31
February 1, 6-8, 13-15, 20-22 & 27-29
March 7 & 26-28
April 2-4, 9-11, 16-18 & 23-25

2. Complete the On-Campus Recruiting-Interview Form
3. Once date is confirmed, you will receive the campus map and parking instructions

The Office of Career Services will select the students that meet your qualifications and prepare the interview schedule(s). A copy of the interview schedule and resumes will be provided to the recruiter on the day of the interview.

After the Interview
We request that you rate our students in the following areas:
  • Appearance     
  • Confidence     
  • Asked Pertinent/Purposeful Questions    
  • Knowledge of Organization
  • Skills/Ability to Perform the Job   
  • Interactive Communication     
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
This information will be used to provide feedback to strengthen the students interviewing skills.  The wrap-up session is held with the Office of Career Services’ staff at the completion of all interviews.

Second or Third-round Interviews
Please notify the on-campus recruitment coordinator by email or call 870-575-8461 of any offer(s)/second or third-round interviews made to students.

Information Sessions
An information session is a great way to target highly motivated candidates and spread the word about opportunities with your organization. Information sessions are one hour presentations given by businesses, government agencies and graduate/professional schools to interested students.  

On-campus & virtual sessions are scheduled during the fall and spring semesters. On-campus sessions are normally held from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. On-campus information sessions held during the 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. hour will require the employer to provide lunch for the students.  Optional times are available based on your time zone. 

Our office will provide the location and equipment for all on-campus sessions.  An audience is guaranteed because students are required to sign-up for all information sessions in the Office of Career Services.

To request an information session:
1. Select a recruitment date from the schedule of dates listed above.
2. Complete the On-Campus Recruitment Form
3. Once date is confirmed, you will receive the campus map, parking instructions and the location where the information session will be held. 

Information Tables
You can request an information table.  We will coordinate your request with the designated school/department.  

Please complete the On-Campus Recruitment Form.  Please submit your request(s) at least two weeks in advance of the date(s) requested. Once date is confirmed, you will receive the campus map, parking instructions and the location where the table will be set up.

Classroom Presentations
The Office of Career Services’ staff will partner with faculty members to create a schedule of classroom presentations upon request.  Presentations range from professional development to sharing what your organization has to offer. Dates are subject to faculty schedules and availability.  

Please complete the On-Campus Recruitment Form.  Please submit your request(s) at least two weeks in advance of the date(s) requested. Once date is confirmed, you will receive a schedule, campus map and parking instructions.

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Career Fairs

The Office of Career Services hosts fall and spring career fairs for business, government, education, and graduate/professional schools.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Kenneth L. Johnson, Sr., HPER Complex-Clemmons Arena 

To register for the career fair or to create a new account, click here or on the logo below:

If you are having trouble logging onto the site, please contact us at 870-575-8461 or email

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Cooperative Education/Internship


An internship is a paid work-related summer learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in their major or career goals. Internship must be at least a minimum of 10 weeks.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a structured method of combining classroom-based learning with practical paid work experience directly related to the student’s academic major. There are two types of Cooperative Education plans. Under both plans, student must register for 6 hours of academic credit under his/her department.
Alternating Plan
This paid work assignment is limited to employers over a 50-mile radius from the University. You will spend one semester (fall or spring) working in full-time employment (40 hours a week) and return to campus the next semester to study.
Parallel Plan
This paid work assignment is limited to employers within a 50-mile radius from the University. The plan allows you to participate in full-time study (12 hours of course work) and part-time work (20 hours per week) during the semester. The work schedule is assigned by the Office of Career Services. 


For the Student
  • Integrates classroom theory to actual work experience.
  • Creates an awareness of interest and career goals.
  • Helps you develop powerful skills and experiences that make you marketable upon graduation.
  • Cultivates maturity, self-confidence, human relations skills and a sense of responsibility.
  • Accumulates job seniority which can lead to full-time employment.
  • Offers an opportunity to build a network of contacts.
For the Employer
  • Improves personnel selection process by using actual on-the-job performance as a basis for permanent hiring decisions.
  • Provides an opportunity to select top students.
  • Improves workforce diversity Increases retention rates among permanent employees recruited and hired through a Co-op program. Brings highly qualified and motivated employees with fresh talent and ideas.
  • Increases cost-effectiveness of recruitment and training.

    • Provides a job description to career services
    • Pays students a competitive wage commensurate with the student’s major, abilities and job responsibilities.
    • Completes interviews and make selection at least one week prior to the close of registration
    • Offers relocation assistance and recommendations if applicable
    • Maintains a safe, harassment and discrimination free workplace
    • Places the student under the supervision of a qualified manager who can provide effective guidance and mentoring
    • Assists student with adapting to work environment and organization
    • Offers ongoing feedback to the student about his/her work performance
    • Completes and submits mid-term and final evaluation to the career coach
    • Permits job developer/faculty liaison to visit the work site to review the program and assess student progress
    • Contacts career coach with any concerns or issues with a student
    What is my obligation to hire a student at the end of the work experience?
    When you hire a Co-op/intern student, it is for one term at a time, coinciding with the beginning and ending of a school term. At the conclusion of a term, you have the choice to retain the student for another term or permanently, if the student is graduating. 

    Mrs. Tracy Knowlton 
           Mrs. Tonia Crumpton 

    All STEM Majors
    Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science & Agriculture Engineering
    All School of Business & Management, Agriculture Business/Economics, School of Education, Aquaculture Fisheries, Human Sciences & Regulatory Science,
    Mass Communications, Nursing & Social & Behavioral Sciences 

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    Post a Job

    Posting a job in Handshake is easy!

     Go to Handshake by clicking the logo below:

    1. Follow the steps in Handshake to post the position(s).
    2. Coordinator will review the posting and an approval confirmation will be sent by email.
    3. Once the position is approved, students will have access to view posting.
    If you have trouble logging onto the site, please contact us at 870-575-8461 or

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    Employer & Student Testimonials

    "Partnering with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Office of Career Services has allowed United Rentals to reach a diverse pool of applicants through on-campus career events, spring/fall job fairs, and one-on-one sessions with career coaches to find the perfect team member for many openings around the world. When you recruit through Career Services, you are getting the crème of the crop. The "While you are Working” workshop that each students must attend before going out on an internship provides the tools that equip the students for success."

    -Kerrigan Ambers, District Sales Manager

     “We are extremely pleased to partner with UAPB’s Office of Career Services on West Fraser’s Internship Program. Not only have we gained well-qualified interns over the last few years that bring a fresh perspective to our company, we now have regular, full-time employees that came to us through the program. We find the students to be enthusiastic and ready to prove themselves. We look forward to fostering this mutually beneficial relationship for years to come!"

    -Chester Fort, Vice President

     Joining Career Services has given me a more adequate idea of where I'll be upon receiving my degree. With all the knowledge I've gained throughout my time at the University, I know for sure that I will graduate with many options for a very successful career. Because of the consistency and communication from the career service staff, I am able to network with Fortune 500 companies around the U.S. and am prepared to start the next steps of my career after graduation."

    -Carllie Akins, Business Administration-Management

     The Office of Career Services invested in me by providing the foundation for success. They gave me a platform to find opportunities for hands-on experience in my major."

    -Me’Auna Bailey, Business Administration

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