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As Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement, I have the wonderful opportunity of engaging with alumni and friends of the University in making a difference in the lives of the students and the next generation of scholars.  It is a responsibility that I value deeply, and take very seriously.

In many ways, my role as Vice Chancellor is tied to my life experiences growing up in West Helena, Arkansas. There is no secret to the fact that as a poor kid from the Delta, my opportunity for a better life came in the form of a college scholarship from an organization I had never heard of.  That gift of generosity opened doors that literally transformed my life, and redefined my future.

UAPB is a unique educational jewel in Arkansas.  In many ways, this institution helped to build the Black middle class across the state.  Without UAPB, far too many people of color would have remained locked out of the educational process.

Each year, we welcome back thousands of alumni from all across the nation as they reconvene to say hello again to “Dear Mother”. Through Homecoming, Founders Week, or the excitement of a thrilling UAPB sporting event, Lion Nation is still calling your name!  For the more than 17,000 alumni who call UAPB home, the importance of coming back is a life-long tradition.  So, if you haven’t been home in a while, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

As you consider your opportunity to give back to UAPB, or to simply help a student get through this semester, reflect back on the impact a college education had in your life.  We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to those who came before us.  Giving back is simply our way of saying thanks to those countless generations who paved the way for us.

Join us in supporting UAPB with a direct gift, or remembering the university in your will.  There are so many ways for each of us to make a difference.

Thanks for caring!

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