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Graduate Faculty/Staff Resources

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Graduate Council

Dr. Sixte Ntamatungiro - Chairperson* 

Dr. Karl Walker - Vice Chairperson*

  * Through August 2020
Dr. Robert Z. Carr Jr.- Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dr. Muthsamy Manoharan - Dean, School of Agriculture, Fisheries,& Human Sciences                               
Dr. Pamela Russ - Dean, School of Education
Dr. Andrea Stewart- Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Mrs. Erica Fulton - Registrar

School of Agriculture, Fisheries, & Human Sciences
Dr. Bihu Huang - Professor, Dept of Agriculture 8821
Dr. Steve Lochmann - Professor, Department of Aquaculture & Fisheries 8165

School of Education Representatives
Dr. Glenda Kennedy - Professor, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction 8247
Dr. Vera Lang-Brown - Chairperson, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction         8275
Dr. Todd Garner - Chairperson, Dept. of Health Physical Education & Recreation 8697

School of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Richard Walker - Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Physics 8894
Dr. Cheryl Golden - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Addiction Studies 8073         
Dr. Grant Wangila - Chairperson/Professor, Dept. of Chemistry & Physics 8382

Mr. Bal Krishna Maharjan - Voting Graduate Student Representative  

Graduate Studies Coordinators

Master of Science Degree Program in Agricultural Regulations         
Dr. Bihu Huang
Professor, Agriculture
1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot 4913
Pine Bluff, Arkansas  71601
(870) 575-8821
Master of Science or Ph.D. Degree Program in Aquaculture/Fisheries         
Dr. Steve Lochmann
Professor, Aquaculture and Fisheries
1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot 4912
Pine Bluff, Arkansas  71601
(870) 575-8165
Master Degree Programs in Education 
Dr. Wanda Newell
Graduate Coordinator 
1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot 4927                                          
Pine Bluff, Arkansas  71601
(870) 575-8248 

Master of Science Degree Program in Addiction Studies
Dr. Cynthia Troutman
Interim Program Director
1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot 4903
Pine Bluff, Arkansas  71601
(870) 575-8716
Master of Science in Computer Science & Technology
Dr. Karl Walker
Interim Chair & Assistant Professor
1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot 4989
Pine Bluff, Arkansas  71601
Phone: 870-575-7151