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Master of Science in Agricultural Regulations

The graduate program in Agricultural Regulations is designed to produce highly skilled, multidisciplinary graduates for positions in regulatory science and related areas of research. The program prepares students for the growing number of job opportunities with regulatory agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Food and Drug Administration and Arkansas State Plant Board, and in science related research fields such as biotechnology, plant science, animal science and food safety. A graduate degree in Agricultural Regulations also prepares graduates to make meaningful contributions to our nation’s agricultural and homeland security.

The program is offered with both thesis and non-thesis options. For more information, see the Agricultural Regulations Program (Thesis Option) Handbook and Agricultural Regulations (Non-thesis Option) Handbook. Students can also view the Application Requirements or Apply Online.

Contact us:

Dr. Shahidul Islam
Professor / Graduate Program Coordinator / Director, Regulatory Science Center
(870) 575-7239

Agricultural Regulations Graduate Program Faculty

Dr. Tracy V. Dunbar
Chair, Dept. of Agriculture
(870) 575-7142
Graduate of Michigan State University (Resource Development)

Dr. Shahidul Islam
Professor / Graduate Program Coordinator / Director, Regulatory Science Center
(870) 575-7239
Graduate of Ehime University (Plant Physiology / Plant Biochemistry)

Dr. Hao Chen
Assistant Professor
(870) 575-8117
Graduate of University of Florida (Soil and Water Science)

Dr. David Fernandez
Extension Livestock Specialist
(870) 575-8316
Graduate of University of Kentucky (Physiology)

Dr. Jayant Lohakare
Associate Professor (Animal Science)
(870) 575-8540
Graduate of Indian Veterinary Research Institute (Animal Nutrition)

Dr. Ranjitsinh Mane
Assistant Professor (Agricultural and Consumer Economics)
(870) 575-7203
Graduate of University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (Agricultural Policy)

Dr. Obadiah M. Njue
Interim Assistant Dean for Extension
(870) 575-8152
Graduate of Mississippi State University (Horticulture)

Dr. Sixte Ntamatungiro
Professor (Agronomy and Soil Science)
(870) 575-7143
Graduate of University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (Agronomy/Soil Fertility)

Dr. Shadrach O. Okiror
(870) 575-8196
Graduate of University of Minnesota (Plant Genetics)

Dr. Yong I. Park
Associate Professor
(870) 575-7245
Graduate of Mississippi State University (Entomology)

Dr. Sathish K. Ponniah
Extension Specialist-1/Instructor
(870) 575-8548
Graduate of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (Plant Breeding & Genetics)

Dr. Yasser M. Sanad
Assistant Professor (Food Safety)
(870) 575-7253
Graduate of Ohio State University (Veterinary Preventive Medicine/Food Safety)