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Merchandising, Textiles and Design

Merchandising, Textiles and Design

The Merchandising, Textiles and Design program prepares students for entry level and management positions in a variety of fashion and merchandising careers in such areas as retailing, design and textile marketing or development. Program offerings include basic courses in merchandising, textiles, and fashion design.

For more information on the program, view the Merchandising, Textiles and Design curriculum.

To develop creative, information seeking and analytical students with an ability to understand and provide solutions for current and future consumer and industry needs and issues, such as sustainability, related to merchandising, textiles, apparel design and related areas.
  1. To enable students to apply theories related to aesthetics, design, cultural, social, psychological and political aspects of dress, fashion and textiles to industry and societal concerns.
  2. To provide students with the education and learning experiences that will prepare them for entry level positions, as well as inspire, motivate and give students the tools needed to progress through their careers.
  3. To provide students with an understanding of the international industries’ processes and the supply chains used in developing, producing, and marketing textile and apparel products.
  4. To prepare students for graduate studies in merchandising, textiles, apparel and/or related areas.

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