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School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences

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Dr. Shahidul Islam

Dr. Shahidul Islam

Department of Agriculture 
RM 153
Woodard Hall

1200 N. University Drive
Mail Slot 4913
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Phone: (870) 575-7239
Additional phone: (870) 718-3837
Fax: (870) 575-462
AGRI-2310 Plant Pathology
AGRI-3314 Ornamental Horticulture
AGRI- 4307 Postharvest Physiology
AGRI-3306 Weed Science
AGRI-1421 Plant Science
AGRI-3313 Vegetable Production
GAGRI-6408 Postharvest Physiology

Current Research/Extension Activities
-Antioxidants and drugs reported being anti-mutagenic and anti-diabetic
-Plant products that contain bioactive compounds that can prevent cancer and occurrence of other cardiovascular diseases
-Carbohydrate metabolism in crops and purification of its enzymes
-Herbs and medicinal plants with the emphasis on human health and nutrition
-Designing and leading collaborative research and training programs and projects, including interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and inter-country programs
-Training research technicians and associates in the areas of plant biochemistry, agriculture and related fields