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Faculty and Staff

*C&I refers to Curriculum and Instruction Department

*HPER refers to Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department

Dr. Wanda Newell
Interim Dean, School of Education
Dr. Vera Lang-Brown Chair, CI
Dr. Todd Garner
Chair, HPER
Dr. Bruce McGowan
Interim Graduate Coordinator
(870) 575-8248
Ms. Liza Johnson
Administrative Specialist III
Dean's Office

Ms. Mitzy Allen
Administrative Support Supervisor
(870) 575-8110

Dr. Will Torrence
Associate Professor, HPER                   

Mrs. Kaidra Dockett    
Adm. Specialist
Graduate Office           

Dr. Glenda Kennedy Professor C&I 575-8247

Dr. Bettye Wright
Associate Professor C&I

Dr. Felicia Taylor-Waller
Assistant Professor HPER

Mr. Allen Wesley
Pool - Life Guard
(870) 575-8662

Dr. Garry Lewis
CAEP Coordinator/ Associate Professor
(870) 575-7028
Mrs. Willie Mae Hobbs
Coordinator of Field Experience/Direct of Student Teaching
/Licensure Officer
(870) 575-8742 
Dr. Leonard Williams
Assistant Professor HPER
(870) 575-8678
Dr. Nita Bohannon
Assistant Professor C&I
Assistant Director, US Prep Initiative
(870) 575-8989
Ms. Betty Anthony
Instructor HPER
(870) 575-8661

Dr. Adrienne Robinson
Associate Professor - C&I
(870) 575-8242
Mr. Mark Cooper
Instructor HPER
(870) 575-8671
Mr. LaTria Jones
HPER Instructor

Ms. Carolyn Nance
Administrative Specialist - HPER
(870) 575-7184
Ms. Denika Smith
Specialist - HPER
(870) 575-7974
Mrs. Andreyetta Dennis Instructor
(870) 575-7010

Mr. James Jackson
Learning Plus Lab
(870) 575-8310

Ms. Marikka Bender
Instructor/Pool Coordinator
(870) 575-7962


Dr. Will Torrence
Associate Professor                   

Ms. Liza Thompson
Adm. Specialist