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Basic Academic Services

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Section - One

New and Transfer Student Orientation

BAS plans, coordinates, and implements Summer, Fall, and Spring Orientation activities for new students, both first-time entering freshmen and transfer students. These activities familiarize students with the University environment and services, including financial aid, academic units, support services, and other resources.

Section - Two

Personal & Social Development and Career & Life Planning

These courses are instructional orientation requirements which students must take very early in their careers. BAS either provides and/or arranges for instructional personnel for the two orientation courses.

Section - Three

Freshman Class

Through Freshman Class and Orientation Assistants Club activities, BAS stresses organizational skills, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. In addition, emphasis is placed on the student's ability to generate widespread support for an idea and mobilize large numbers of people in a single direction, inspire confidence and pride, and spur people into action for the common good.

Section - Four

Meet the Team

The purpose of the Department of Basic Academic Services is to assist the new student in making a smooth transition to college life. Meet the Faculty/Staff members of the department as well as find out their advisor assignments. Who will be your new advisor?

Section - Five

Orientation Assistants & Student Leaders

Orientation Assistants and Student Leaders possess a specific body of knowledge about the University acquired through training and experience, and they are sincerely interested in and skillful at sharing this information with orientation participants.

Section - Six

Aiming for A's

Students should come to college with a desire to do their best. There is always room to improve, so it is helpful to have access to the necessary resources that push the students that much closer to a good start in college.

Section - Seven

Quality Initiative

The purpose of the quality initiative is to increase the persistence (retention), graduation, and career and post-baccalaureate placements of African-American male students by engaging them in the types of co-curricular and leadership activities that lead to academic success and timely graduation.

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