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Field Experience Management (FEM) at UAPB

During the Fall 2019 term, UAPB contracted for Watermark’s Field Experience Management (FEM) add-on. FEM is a tool used to manage assessments of learning outcomes during internships, field experiences, and student teaching. FEM allows assessment of learning outcomes by a Mentor (such as principals or teachers in a school district or the direct report at the field site), a Supervisor (a UAPB instructor for the course associated with the field experience), or even the Intern (student undertaking the internship or field experience). For the Supervisor and the Intern, assessments are conducted in their existing LiveText account. Mentors receive, via email from a username, password, and login instructions for an account where assessments are conducted. Assessment rubrics unique to each type of field experience are created and shared with the Mentor, Supervisor and Intern, and archived within LiveText.

Field experiences are managed within degree programs by Placement Coordinators. The Placement Coordinator is responsible for updating a database of site data, Mentor data (especially the mentor’s email address), and subject data. This is done using templates provided by the FEM Administrator (Mr. Arthur Thomas). Templates are Excel files with standardized fields, required for setting up FEM in LiveText. Placement Coordinators send updates of these templates to Mr. Thomas each semester. Placement Coordinators are also responsible for assigning an Intern to a site and to a Mentor at the beginning of every field experience.

The Office of Assessment takes responsibility for administering FEM, while Placement Coordinators and degree programs themselves are responsible for providing Mentor and Site data, via the FEM Mentor and FEM Sites templates, and for generating assessments for various actors in the field experience.

Click training session for Placement Coordinators to review the session for Placement Coordinators held on August 20, 2019.

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