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Rights and Responsibilities of Students on Financial Aid

Earning acceptable grades to progress toward degree completion is essential to the success of every enrolled student. However, without needed funds to support enrollment, degree completion may not be realized. Having over 90% of students at UAPB receiving some type of financial assistance to help defray the cost of education is an indication that funding is a key to the educational process. Whether funds are from federal, state, institutional or private sources, as a recipient of financial assistance, students have rights and responsibilities that should be understood. These Rights and Responsibilities are provided:

Students have the right to know:

  1. The financial aid programs available at UAPB
  2. The application process which must be followed to be considered for aid
  3. The criteria used to select recipients and calculate need
  4. The Return of Title IV Funds policy
  5. What portion of financial aid is grant or gift aid, and what portion must be repaid
  6. The criteria for continued federal financial aid eligibility, under the university’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP), in compliance with the Department of Education requirements
  7. How to regain eligibility if financial aid is suspended due failure to make satisfactory academic progress
  8. The type and amount of financial aid received and how and when the aid will be disbursed
  9. How to contact financial aid staff regarding information on student financial assistance
  10. Interest rates, total amount to be repaid, procedures for repayment, when repayment begins, and the time period for repaying loans
Students are responsible for:
  1. Completing all forms accurately and truthfully
  2. Submitting information requested by SFS office in a timely manner
  3. Re-applying for aid each year
  4. Paying all institutional charges, when they are due, with available financial aid and/or personal resources, or by enrolling in a payment plan
  5. Reporting to the SFS office any additional assistance from all sources such as scholarships, loans, fellowships, and educational benefits
  6. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP)
  7. Knowing steps to take to regain eligibility if aid is suspended due to failure to make SAP
  8. Declaring a major and enrolling in courses that are required under the degree plan (financial aid cannot pay for classes that are not included in a student’s degree plan)
  9. Reading all notifications and materials sent from the Student Financial Services Office.
  10. Completing required hiring documents when accepting a federal work study award
  11.  Performing the work agreed upon when accepting a Federal Work Study award and beginning employment
  12. Submitting all academic transcripts from other institutions to complete the admissions process and secure financial aid awards
  13. Completing mandatory loan exit counseling upon ceasing to be enrolled at least half time or graduating if loan funds have been borrowed under the Federal Direct Loan (subsidized, unsubsidized, Graduate PLUS) program
  14. Keeping contact information updated (name, phone number, address) on WebAdvisor
  15. Checking UAPB email regularly for important notices from SFS

Financial Aid Repeat Coursework

Federal financial aid may only be used once to pay for repeated courses in which a student has previously earned a passing grade. Funds may be used multiple times to pay for courses that need to be repeated due to not having earned a passing grade.

If it has been determined that a student has successfully completed a course and has repeated that course, any additional attempts at that same course are not eligible for federal financial aid funding. Subsequent enrollment for that course will not be counted toward the hours of enrollment for the semester.

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