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Accounts Payable

The mission of the Office of Accounts Payable is to pay bills and reimburse employees in a timely and accurate manner while adhering to University policy, state law, and federal regulations. Our office also provides on-going education of policies and procedures to the University community and vendors.

The primary responsibilities of this unit are to:
  • Determine the validity of claims submitted to the University*
  • Print all checks for payment such as agency fund withdrawals, debt service (including capital leases, loan payments, and plant funds), payroll related deductions, operating expenses (including utilities, supplies, and equipment), private gifts, refunds, stipends and travel reimbursements.
  • Prepare and distribute required tax reporting documents.

*Payments are not processed unless there is money legally allocated for such payments and until Accounts Payable has been presented with an invoice that has been signed by the requesting department.


Traci Childress – Accounts Payable Supervisor

Sharon Shavers – Fiscal Support Specialist

Kewonna Taylor – Fiscal Support Specialist

Patty Dyer – Fiscal Support Specialist