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Procurement Policy and Procedures

Contracting Authority

In accordance to UA Board Policy 300.1: No University employee may execute any contract purporting to be on behalf of the University unless he or she has been delegated signature authority to do so. No contract signed by a person without signature authority shall be binding upon the University or the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas. The University is not bound by and does not recognize as binding any promise or obligation made by an unauthorized person. Those signing external agreements or attempting to bind the University by any other means without authority may be subject to legal and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination.

All documents legally binding UAPB must first be forwarded to the Agency Procurement Official for review and consideration by the General Counsel.

  1. If the contract needs to be revised, the contract will be forward back to the requester to submit to the vendor to make the necessary modification.
  2. Once the Procurement office receive the revised contract that was corrected by the vendor, the document will then be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (or Chancellor, where appropriate) for final approval.
  3. The Procurement official will forward the executed contract to the requester. Then, the requester should forward the contract back to the vendor for execution. Once the vendor has fully executed the contract a copy MUST BE submitted to the Procurement Office.
  4. After the above steps have been taken, the requester may proceed with processing a requisition and MUST attach a copy of the fully executed agreement/contract before submitting to the Procurement department.

Emergency Purchases

State Procurement Ark Codes Ann. §19-11-204 and 19-11-233; Emergency procurement is defined as the acquisition of commodities or services which, if not immediately initiated, will endanger human life, health, state property, or functional capability of UAPB. Accompanying the purchase requisition shall be a written justification as to the critical emergency which has been approved by the Agency Head or his designee (The Vice Chancellor for Finance or Chancellor) and three (3) hard copies or faxed quotes from vendors contacted to bid.

Procurement Copier Lease

As of July 1, 2019, Purchasing will process purchase orders for all copier leases for the full amount of the 36 month lease agreement. The amount will automatically carry-over as encumbrance until the lease is paid in full at the end of the 36 month.

Promotional Items-Office of State Procurement Policy

This policy covers the procurement of promotional items for distribution to employees, students, or the general public. Items range from pins, buttons, pens, tee shirts, sweatshirts and plaques. Items of this nature are not normally permitted to be purchased utilizing state appropriated funds. However, agencies may have authorization to purchase items for promotional purposes by special language in the agency’s appropriation acts.

Postsecondary education institutions may apply to the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State for a transfer of money from its operating expenses appropriation to a promotional item line item in accordance with ACA §6-63-304 (b).

The following items are not prohibited from procurement with general appropriated funds: 1. Plaques for student achievements 2. Plaques for board or commission members upon termination of service on a board or commission 3. Promotional items specifically authorized by language in a state or federal grant 4. Items purchased, the cost of which is reimbursed by students

The above items are the only promotional items authorized without specific language in an agency’s appropriations act.


According to the Office of State Procurement: The Promotional Items policy covers promotional items for distribution to employees, students, or the general public, for the sole purpose of recruiting and/or promoting the University. Items range from pins, buttons, pens, tee shirts, sweatshirts and plaques. (Polo shirts are considered as uniforms not promotional items).
  1. Request to purchase promotional items must be submitted to the Chancellor’s Office a month in advance.
  2. Requestor’s must select an approved vendor from the Bidder’s list to order products. The list will be posted to the Procurement website after the bid open date, August 23, 2019.
  3. Vendors must be listed on the Licensed Vendor list.
  4. Purchase requisitions, artwork proof, quote and the New Promotional Items Form must be submitted to the Office of the chancellor for signature approval.
  5. Once approved by the chancellor, requisitions will be routed to the Procurement Office for further processing.

Purchases (PO Policy)

The purchase order is the primary accepted business standard of UAPB for transmitting ordering information to a supplier. Without an approved authorized purchase order in hand, you cannot fiscally obligate the University for goods/services accepted by any other means. For Example: A vendor cannot ship/delivery goods or begin services without an approved purchase order. To do otherwise may leave you personally liable for the expense.


Arkansas statues stipulate that all purchases of goods (supplies/equipment), services, rental or leases to which the university is a party are subject to rules and regulations. These purchases require approval with the assignment of a purchase order by the Procurement Department. Without a duly authorized purchase order, the university takes no liability or legal obligation for merchandise or services arbitrarily received by any other means. Any individuals making a purchase without proper authorization may be required to assume personal liability.

It is recommended that a call be made to the Interim Director of Procurement and a list of the items sent which are to be purchased in advance so they may be reviewed for compliance to existing state laws as some items are not reimbursable. For Example: printing, items on state or agency contracts and those items which should have been bid prior to the expense.

Travel Policy

As of July 1, 2019, for same day processing, airline requisitions MUST be submitted to the Procurement office by 2:00 PM. Any airline requisitions submitted after 2:00 PM will be return to the requesting department for price adjustment.


1. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in determining the circumstance where payment of dues for membership in professional organizations can be paid from appropriated funds.

2. Policy
A. Memberships in an organization where the University is listed as the member or where the University designates an institutional representative in an organization may be paid from appropriated funds.

B. Appropriated funds may not normally be used to pay individual membership dues, assessments, or any other levy in professional organizations, honorary societies, civic clubs, or other organizations where the membership is in the name of an individual. However, individual membership fees can be considered for payment in cases when the University will clearly benefit from the membership, and one or more of the following criteria prevail:

1) the organization does not offer an institutional membership;
2) the individual membership fee is less than the institutional membership fee;
3) individual license fees are necessary to meet or maintain a specific job description requirement; or
4) individual memberships are required to achieve other benefit(s) desired by the University.

C. All memberships are subject to availability of funds and administrative approval as determined on a campus level.

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