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The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has two wellness programs to aid in the physical, mental, social and financial well-being of our employees: Black and Gold, Fit and Bold and the University of Arkansas Wellness Program.

Black and Gold, Fit and Bold

The mission of the UAPB Wellness program, Black and Gold, Fit and Bold, is to promote and improve the wellness of the campus community by empowering each employee to become physically active and demonstrate health-promoting behaviors. The intent is that the benefits gained individually and collectively by each employee will be compounded and manifested throughout the campus community.

The goals of the program are to:

Promote physical activity, healthy behaviors and wellness among members of the campus community.

Educate employees on the benefits of physical activity and healthy behaviors and/or risk factors associated with chronic disease and reduced health/wellness.

Offer programs emphasizing awareness, prevention, and positive health behavior changes

To achieve these goals, the program aims to:

Provide on-campus physical activity programs and promote other opportunities on UAPB campus and in the community that encourage employees to be active. 

Provide materials for knowledge and skills to improve and maintain health that may enhance academic and/or work performance.

The Black and Gold, Fit and Bold program offers various physical activities to our employees throughout the year for a small fee. Some of those physical activities include line dancing exercise, water aerobics, aerobics, Zumba and lap swimming. The community may participate in these activities for a fee. You may find the listing of the dates and time located on the Wellness website or through Campus Bulletin.

University of Arkansas Wellness Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Arkansas wellness program is to improve the health of University of Arkansas faculty, staff and covered spouses through empowerment, education and participation.


By providing the employees, and families of the University of Arkansas with tools that empower them to make better health and lifestyle choices, the health and wellbeing of these beneficiaries will be increased. By preventing diseases that are linked to unhealthy behaviors and thereby avoiding the complications that develop, the health care costs for the University of Arkansas will be decreased thus making health care more affordable for those who participate.



Personal health information disclosed through participation in the wellness program will be subject to all HIPAA confidentiality guidelines. No individual identifiable health information will be disclosed to the University of Arkansas. Only aggregated and summary data will be reported in order for the University of Arkansas Health Plan to establish priorities in developing wellness goals and initiatives.



  • Empower employees to make positive health choices by assisting individuals at risk for the development of certain diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease) through a voluntary, confidential Personal Health Assessment (PHA).
  • Provide a Health Action Plan to assist those at risk based on data from Personal Health assessments.
  • Offer counseling on lifestyle changes through health coaching
  • Provide individuals with the opportunity for cost savings in medication co-payments through participation in disease management programs.
  • Promote use of zero out-of-pocket cost for preventive care services and early screenings.
  • Foster and support campus individuality in system supported program
  • Foster and empower employees to have improved communications with primary care physicians.
For more information, contact:
Cynthia A. Hunter
HR Program Manager/Wellness Program Coordinator
Phone: 870-575-8863
Fax: 870-575-4658