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Here is a listing of our Activity Directors and their departmental activities

Dr. Anissa Buckner, Biology
Kountz-Kyle Hall

Title III is a significant contributor toward extensive renovations to Kountz-Kyle Hall, helping to make the building more compliant with ADA regulations, installing an elevator, upgrading the auditorium as a lecture hall and classroom, and improving the HVAC system in the building. This work is planned to be completed in three phases:
  • Phase I - completion of the front entrance to the building, installation of the elevator, installation of the first boiler, upgrading and renovation of the auditorium (126 seats), and installation of new windows and window treatments.
  • Phase II - installation of a second boiler and upgrade of HVAC and electrical work throughout the building
  • Phase III - laboratory and classroom renovations and repair of floor tile throughout the building.
This is the first significant renovation of the building since its construction in 1974. 

As a result of these improvements, the department has been able to provide improved instruction to the students that come to the department. Virtually, the entire student population of the institution (approximately 2,600) is affected by these enhancements to the structure. The department has been able to increase its degree completers approximately 20% above a baseline of 20 in 2015 with a continual increase of 2%-5% each academic year. Student recruitment and retention have subsequently increase as a result of the investment of Title III funds in making these improvements.

At present, this is an ongoing activity.

Dr. Shawna Hughey, Department Chair

Title III funding has been instrumental in lifting the facilities and equipment used by the nursing program. Every student in the nursing program is directly benefitting from the equipment purchased by Title III as they use the technology that allows them to acquire the skills necessary for them to enter the workplace well-prepared for the duties assigned to them in the workplace.

In the Spring of 2017, SimMom came to the UAPB Department of Nursing Simulation Lab ready for delivery! The 12 Junior nursing students were recipients of this new "birthing mom" training simulator. Prior to the arrival of SimMom, students were assigned Labor and Delivery rotations without a guarantee they would actively participate in an actual delivery. With access to SimMom, the 12 current senior nursing students and future nursing students will be guaranteed to have this critical experience in their labor and delivery rotation. The SimMom was funded by Title III grant funds. Additional projects partially or fully funded by Title III are planned in the Nursing Department, including renovation of the department space to allow more student access to instruction.

As a result of the investment of Title III Grant funds, the department was able to pass its program accreditation review and once again receive approval for its program. The program is accredited by the Commission on Certification of Nursing Education (CCNE) programs.

Dr. Grant Wangila, Department Chairman
Chemistry and Physics

The Chemistry and Physics Department provides for an engaged learning community in an environment that is enhanced with state of the art equipment that is funded in part or whole by Title III. The improved climate of learning has attracted and prepared undergraduate students that are capable of excelling in these disciplines.
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Dr. Charles Colen, Jr., Industrial Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering
Rust Technology Building

The Title III Program has provided fiscal aid to the department allowing it to include more hands-on laboratory activities utilizing equipment and simulations to enhance the learning experience of the students and prepare them to transition from the world of academia to the global workforce.

Edward Fontenette, Director
Maplean Donaldson, Lavoris Martin, and Sonya Lockett, Coordinators
John Brown Watson Memorial Library

Title III provides continual fiscal support to the library in its efforts to provide foundational support for course work and research in various academic fields of study. Library staff organize, preserve, and share resources to meet the information needs of the university community, providing access to resources essential to research, teaching, and service. Title III has partially funded renovations to the facility allowing for consolidation of services to students, faculty, and staff of the institution; thus, enhancing the learning environment for the total university and community.

Dr. Rebecca Lochmann, Director
Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries

Title III funding is utilized to assist in providing departmental outreach to minority students in the field of Aquaculture and Fisheries. This is a field in which minority students are underrepresented on the campus.

Dr. Rebecca Lochmann and Dr Lin Xie, Coordinators
Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries

The Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries and John Brown Watson Library have collaborated to provide students, faculty and researchers access to cyber library resources. This activity is funded in part by Title III funds to enhance the success of students and other stakeholders in the field.

Shirley Cherry, Director of Career Services
Donna Ryles and Oscar Fuller, Coordinators

The office of Career Services has endeavored to enhance career opportunities for students and alumni by establishing and maintaining partnerships between the university and employers thereby providing opportunities for further study, employment, and career advancement. These efforts are funded in part by Title III funds.

Dr. Linda Okiror, Director
Philomena Owasoyo, Coordinator
Enrollment Management

The Office of Enrollment Management strives to identify, recruit, enroll, retain and graduate students who will be able to compete on the global stage. Title III aids the office by providing fiscal support for record keeping and processing programs, programs that prepare incoming students for college success, and services that aid students in achieving their educational goals at the university.

Dr. Karen Dejarnette, Department Chairman
Art and Design

The Art Department has been revitalized as it continues to benefit from the investment of Title III funds in the department through the purchase of equipment, computers, and software designed to enhance the learning experience of art majors.

Dr. Todd Garner, Department Chairman

Title III funds were utilized to install Smart Board technology in the classrooms of the main instructional facility to enhance the instruction presented to all students that take courses in the department. The department auditorium was also upgraded to allow media projection. A new sound system was also installed in the room.

Dr. Sixte Ntamatungiro, Interim Department Chairman

The use of Title III funds to purchase up-to-date equipment for laboratories enhances the instruction of 100% of the students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture with Animal Science, Plant and Soil Sciences, and Regulatory Science with Industrial Health and Safety, Environmental Biology, and Agriculture options. Students enrolled in the Master of Science degree in Agricultural Regulations also benefit from being able to use the new equipment. The equipment allows students to conduct research and participate in educational and professional forums. The department faculty is able to enrich the department curricula and foster research formulation.

Dr. Lawrence Awopetu, Interim Dean
School of Business and Management

The School of Business and Management endeavors to provide an educational environment in which its students and faculty are able to use current technology and equipment. Title III funding has been used to enhance the learning/teaching, meeting, and working environment so that the school is able to realistically reach a new level of excellence.

Ms. Stephanie Sims Director
University Museum and Cultural Center

The University Museum and Cultural Center provides a historical and prospective view of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Through the contribution of Title III funds, the UMCC is evolving into a state-of-the-art facility that informs and inspires the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the institution. The UMCC is becoming a cutting-edge department through the acquisition of software and equipment that is in keeping with technological advancements in the area of historical preservation.

Dora Sanders, Director
Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Advising (CTLA), designed to promote excellence in teaching at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, provides professional development activities, including workshops, seminars, training sessions, and technical assistance to develop and enhance instructional skills. Title III funding has been used in support of these activities so that the institution has a highly capable faculty that provides quality instruction to the entire student population.

Dr. Ann White, Chair
Department of Multimedia Communications

With the aid of Title III funds, the division of Mass Communications has been able to make required improvements necessary for the department to provide more effective instruction to all of the students that have chosen to major in this area of academia. Facilities have been renovated, equipment has been updated, and workplace technology has been incorporated into the instruction. The Radio and TV Studios have been updated and upgraded to allow students access to current multimedia platforms used in the field today. Listen to Hot89.7 KUAPFM
or Watch the productions of KUAP-TV