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Welcome to the Division of Research, Innovation and Economic Development, a new division launched on January 2, 2014 at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Created by Chancellor Laurence B. Alexander, the division is the focal point for new grant and contract development, all designed to contribute to the knowledge base, enrich student academic and research development, expand faculty/staff research and provide useful information to stakeholders, the community, state of Arkansas, region, nation and globally. Positioned at Cabinet level, the division can readily draw from the diverse needs of other divisions to develop interdisciplinary and cross campus teams to craft proposals to help address university, student and faculty/staff needs in the academy. With a modest core staff of six in the central office, the unit’s span is to the entire university wherever faculty, staff and students have creative ideas and or a passion to respond to proposal solicitations that match their interest and or need.

Four key values are foundational to the Division of Research, Innovation and Economic Development: INTERDISCIPLINARY, RELEVANCE to University’s MISSION, PARTNERSHIPS, and COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE. Faculty, staff, students, administrators, community, state and external partners are invited to visit or call to discuss grant and contract opportunities. Innovative concepts are also invited. Our staff welcomes and works side by side with researchers and grant writers as they commit ideas to grant application format and submission.


The overarching goal for The Division of Research, Innovation and Economic Development is to position the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff as a mission-oriented center for research - based knowledge generation that helps to advance the economic growth, health, education and well-being of the people of Arkansas, the region, nation and globally.


1. To build on-campus and external coalitions to leverage support for research and related innovations in the division's priority areas.

2. To strengthen UAPB's research capacity by building interdisciplinary teams to generate funded
research to address contemporary needs.

3. To build diverse and successful research teams who will contribute to knowledge creation while also helping to increase underrepresented minority student participation in research and who are on track for research careers.

4. To provide data-driven information to the state, regional, national and global community
on environmental, health, educational, aesthetic and economic challenges to the well-being
of society.

Together, we will realize our objectives.

Dr. Mansour Mortazavi, Vice Chancellor
Research, Innovation and Economic Development
(870) 575-8214