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Housing Assignment

At the end of May for Academic Year students and mid-December for Spring Semester students, the Department will begin forwarding an official housing assignment designating the residence hall and room to which the student has been assigned. Housing assignments are non-transferable. The University reserves the right to make assignments to halls other than those requested and to change hall assignments. Requests for hall/room changes are accepted by the Department after August 28th but no later than August 31st. All assignments become permanent after August 31st.  Hall/Room change request must be in writing and signed by the student. Most rooms are designed for double occupancy and therefore, room consolidation is part of the Department’s policy. Students are allowed to occupy double rooms as singles if space is available and if they pay the higher single room rate. When a room is occupied by only one student, the Department may move the student to another room; assign a roommate or assess the student a higher rate for single room occupancy.