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  • All housing assignments are for one full academic year or spring semester only for those students who attend the University and are eligible to reside in student housing. Summer housing is under separate contract.

    The academic year with reference to the residence halls, is defined as beginning one day before the start of registration in the fall semester and ends at 5:00pm on the day of the last final examination at the end of the spring semester. All graduating seniors must be properly checked out of the residence halls on Saturday (12 noon) after December commencement and Sunday (12 noon) after May commencement. The residence halls are closed during semester breaks and spring break. Rooms may not be occupied.

    Students who desire to occupy their assigned rooms before the designated time will be charged a fee of $25 per night, payable in advance and must contact the Office of Residential Life for approval. The service will only be provided if the Department of Residential Services can accommodate the request. The fee will be paid in the Cashier's Office and receipt presented to the Resident Hall Specialist in the residence hall before being allowed to occupy the room or the fee will be collected by the Resident Hall Specialist if after normal business hours and student given a receipt.

    If student fails to occupy his/her assigned room on or before the second day of classes by 12 noon without giving the Department notice, the room may be assigned to another student. Should the student desired a new assignment, efforts will be made to provide another space if such is available, but it is not guaranteed.

    Students who occupy his/her assigned room and never register will be charged prorated room and board until departure from the residential hall.