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The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is designed to assist faculty, staff, and administration with students facing high levels of distress in their lives and those with behavior problems. The Behavioral Intervention Team is not an administrative, treatment or disciplinary body. It does not adjudicate, discipline, or impose sanctions against any member of the campus.  In an effort to respond to the safety needs of the campus, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Office of Dean of Student Life has established the Behavioral Invention Team.

The Behavioral Intervention Plan was developed in accordance with the College and University Behavioral Intervention Team (CUBIT) model that was introduced by the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM).

What is BIT?

BIT will assist in helping keep the university community safe and connect distressed students to available support services and present various seminars to students that have been disciplined through the student judicial process. BIT primary goal seeks to act preventively versus reactionary to students in distress.

What Does BIT Do? 

  • Provide consultation and support to members of the university community in assisting individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors.
  • Respond to reports, gather information to assess situations involving individuals who display concerning or disruptive behaviors; engage reported individuals in a process aimed at correcting the disturbing behavior.
  • Recommend appropriate intervention strategies.
  • Connect individuals with needed campus and community resources.
  • Monitor ongoing behavior of individuals who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

Behavioral Intervention Resources

The committee is not intended to address random conduct matters that occur in the classroom but a consistent behavior problem/pattern that is noticeable in a student.