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General Guidelines

Students who experience the privilege of attending the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff become members of the academic community while retaining status as citizens.  Students are entitled to the same fundamental rights, privileges and immunities that are guaranteed to every citizen of the United States.  In addition to their inherent rights and privileges on becoming members of the academic community, students voluntarily assume the obligation to fulfill the responsibilities of all citizens, as well as the obligation of performance and behavior imposed by the University in relation to its lawful missions and functions.

The University has the responsibility to develop policies, procedures and standards which will ensure protection of the rights of each member of the academic community.  The following are included among the responsibilities of students:

1.   The responsibility for being fully acquainted with the University Catalog, Student Handbook, THE ROAR and other published regulations relating to students, and for complying with them in the interest of an orderly and productive community.

2.   The responsibility for assisting the University administration in protecting the rights of others through orderly disciplinary procedures.

3.   The responsibility for securing and respecting general conditions conducive to the freedom to learn.

4.   The responsibility for respecting and complying with all the laws and rights of good citizenship.

In accordance with these responsibilities, the University has the obligation to set standards of conduct which it considers essential to its educational mission and its community life.  Due process with the University does not preclude prosecution of offenses by local, state and federal agencies, when appropriate.


The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s Student System is designed to promote order and discipline inherent in and essential to the educational process of its students.  This system is applicable to all students enrolled at the University who violates the Code of Conduct on-campus and off-campus when the violation is committed by a student which reflects upon the name of the University or its programs.

Students will be held accountable and subject to punishment for violations committed off-campus during University sanctioned/sponsored activities.  It is incumbent upon all students to comply with the Code of Conduct, respect the rights of others, and honor University policies and procedures.