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90 Days of Caring Campaign
The UAPB 90 Days of Caring Campaign is your personal opportunity to make a difference in the lives of UAPB students who may be experiencing financial challenges. Designed to raise $200,000 in support of UAPB students, the campaign is a blended effort that provides $100,000 to grow the UAPB Endowment and ongoing financial assistance, and an additional $100,000 in immediate funding to help reduce student debt. Donate today and make a big difference!

Dorothy Magett Fiddmont-New Millennium Leaders
The Dorothy Magett Fiddmont-New Millennium Leaders (DMF-NML) are individuals with significant personal and professional accomplishments. Many are at the apex of their careers, while others are emerging super stars. All bring rich resources of knowledge, skills, experience, contacts, and influence. Our DMF-NMLs are prime ambassadors for UAPB.  Giving levels to the fund to qualify as a DMF–NML are: 

                        Entry Level $2,000     

                        Bronze Support Level $3,000

                        Silver Support Level $4,000

                        Gold Support Level $5,000

                        Platinum Support Level $6,000

UAPB Annual Phonathon
The annual phonathon is the primary way that our university maintains personal contact with alumni and seeks support for students at UAPB.  With every call, UAPB students connect with alumni to update their donor records, share exciting happenings and request support for student scholarships. 

Hicks-Holiday Legacy Society
Those who remember the UAPB through a will, trust, or other planned gift, are invited to join in the Hicks Holiday Legacy Society.

Hicks-Holiday Legacy Society is named in honor of the Late Dr. Charles A. Hicks and the Late Dr. O.R. Holiday. Both were graduates and longtime supporters of AM&N/UAPB. Dr. Hicks, ’34 was an educator/administrator and star collegiate athlete. Dr. Holiday, ’37 was a professor/chairman in the Department of Agriculture at AM&N/UAPB and community and church leader.

As a member of Hicks-Holiday Legacy Society you can decide how your gift may be used. Members choose from an array of giving opportunities such as academic programs, athletics, construction and/or building renovation, scholarships and other forms of financial aid (revolving loans) for students, and/or faculty and staff development. 

Lifeline Endowed Fund
Several converging circumstances have resulted in a critical gap between the growing number of students with severe financial assistance needs and available resources for meeting that need. At UAPB more than 90% of students require some form and level of assistance. The Lifeline Endowed Fund assists students in dire need of financial assistance.

Every gift to the Lifeline Endowed Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar through a grant from the U. S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, Institutional Services, Strengthening Institutions, Title III, Part B, HBCU Program.

Your Dollars at Work
Scholarships can change a student's life forever. Our scholarship recipients express their appreciation to donors.

Establish a Scholarship or Endowment
To ensure that your generosity will have an impact that extends far beyond your lifetime establish an endowment or create a named scholarship through the UAPB Foundation to assist students at UAPB.