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Pine Bluff Water Crisis - Campus Updates 

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff will provide daily updates about the Pine Bluff water crisis, its impact on the University and our efforts to protect our students and staff. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and water crisis updates from the Office of the Chancellor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we come to campus as planned on March 1 for in-person classes?
Because of the low water pressure issues and the repairs to facilities, we are delaying the return to in-person classes. Those courses will now tentatively transition to face-to-face immediately after spring break on March 29, 2021. 

When are we moving back to campus?
The university administration is hopeful that students who had to move off-campus to temporary accommodations in hotels will move back soon, although we cannot give a specific date at this time. While water pressure is increasing on campus, it is still not at a level that would allow proper sanitation and heating of certain residence halls. 

How do I opt-in/sign-up for text alerts from Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success?
Students should contact Mrs. Rita Conley, Director of Student Success, at 

How do I meet virtually with my financial aid counselor?
You may use this link to schedule a meeting:

If I’m struggling with stress or having a hard time coping with these changes, is there someone I can talk to?
We recognize the emotional and mental strain this crisis is having on our students and want to remind you of our counseling services that are available through the Student Counseling, Assessment, and Development (SCAD) Center. You may call SCAD directly at 870-575-8969. All faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to the Employee Assistance Program at 800-542-6021.