June 1, 2020

Dear Students,

These are very unprecedented times. COVID-19 has impacted the way that we provide services to you. I know that the semester was impacted in a way that caught all of us off guard, but I want to commend you on being committed to your academic goals, amid this pandemic.

Just as each of us has had to make changes to our personal lives, the University has made several changes to ensure that you return to an environment that contributes to productivity and that prioritizes safety. As we make these changes, it is important for you to pre-register for fall semester classes.

To receive priority on courses, housing and other accommodations, I encourage you to complete your 2020-21 FAFSA, submit your housing application, and register for your classes. Our Student Success Coaches, Financial Aid Counselors, and Academic Advisors are ready to assist you with the fall registration process.

We are raffling off two laptop computers; all students who complete their fall registration prior to June 30,2020 will have their name entered into the drawing.

There will be updates over the summer that will detail “how” we plan to prepare for the fall, but your registration puts us in a stronger position to prepare for your return to campus.

Yours in the pursuit of excellence,

Braque Talley, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Success