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*Teaching degree offered | **Interdisciplinary offering | Minor Concentration

School of Agriculture,

Fisheries & Human Sciences

Agricultural Sciences, B. S.
Agricultural Business
Agricultural Economics
Agriculture Education**
Animal Science
General Agriculture

Plant and Soil Science
Poultry Science

Regulatory Science, B. S. **
Environmental Biology
Industrial Health and Safety

Agricultural Regulations, M.S.
Plant and Animal Systems
Food Safety
Agricultural Policy and Economic Risk

Fisheries Biology, B.S.
Aquaculture/Fisheries, M.S.
Aquaculture/Fisheries, Ph.D.

Human Sciences, B. S.
Human Development/Family Studies
Merchandising, Textiles & Designs
Nutrition and Dietetics
Food Service/Restaurant Management
Human Sciences Education**

School of Arts and Sciences

Art, B.S.*

English, B.A.
English Education, B.S.*
Journalism, B.A.
Theatre, B.A.
Mass Communications, B.A.

Criminal Justice Studies, B.A.
Gerontology, B.A.
History, B.A.
Political Science, B.A.*
Psychology, B.S.
Social Work, B.A.
Sociology, B.A.
Social Studies, B.S.

Music, B.S.*
Non-Teaching and an outside field
Sound Recording Technology

Biology, B.S.*
Chemistry, B.S.*
Physics, B.S.
Computer Science, B.S.
Computer Science & Technology, M.S.
Industrial Technology, B.S.

Mathematics, B.S.*
Applied Mathematics

Interdisciplinary Degree** 

School of Education

Agriculture Education, B.S.**
Biology Education, B.S.
Business Technology Education, B.S.
Chemistry Education, B.S.
Early Childhood Education, B.S., M.Ed.
English Education, B.S.
General Science Education, M.Ed.
Health, Physical Ed. Recreation, B.S.
Physical Education/Elementary*
Physical Education/Secondary*
Human Sciences Education, B.S.**
Mathematics Education, B.S.
Rehabilitative Services, B.S.
Secondary Education, M.Ed.
Social Studies/Education, B.S.

School of Business & Management

Accounting & Business Education, B. S.

Business Administration, B. S.
Business Technology Education

University College

General Studies, B.G.S.