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It was reported that Ehrin Tate tried to jump off a bridge and that her parent will be here to pick her up as was told by extra help. Also it reported that Officer Harding came to the Delta Annex having stated that Ehrin Tate attempted to commit suicide according to Mrs. Quarles Resident Hall Specialist. Also Officer Harding took information from Ehrin's personal pack and contacted her father, Edward Tate according to Mrs. Quarles. And that Ehrin went to hospital and that Officer Canada asked for Dean Owens home phone number according to Mrs. Quarles. Ehrin returned to Delta Annex from hospital. Wellness check on Ehrin was done by Ms. Lewis Resident Hall Specialist at 7:43am and wellness check was done by Ms. Mitchell Resident Hall Specialist and Ms. Latoya Jeter Lions Program Administrator at 10:21am

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