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The School of Arts and Sciences, which is an area of excellence, will continue to be noted for its high quality of undergraduate instruction and its effective student learning. Students will enter the School academically well-prepared and eager to learn. Upon graduation, they will be successful in finding employment in their field of study or in being admitted to graduate/professional school.

The School is to provide and maintain an environment that is conductive for excellence in teaching and learning in the Arts, Languages, Literature, Mass Communication, Nursing, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and Technology.

The School of Arts and Sciences has a dual role; a diversity of offerings in two curricula emphasis areas, School and Technology and Liberal and Fine Arts.

It provides educational experiences to ensure students success in mathematics, engineering, science and technology, and it provides these experiences through course offerings in mathematics and the natural sciences.

The School of Arts and Sciences also offers majors in art, criminal justice, English, Speech and Drama; gerontology, history, journalism, music, political science, social science, sociology and social work. It offers both the bachelor of arts and the bachelor of science degrees. Students may elect the secondary teaching certificate option when it is available.