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Military Science

Everyone can be a college student and gain the knowledge to have a successful career in the area of their choice; however, not everyone can take the challenge and become an Army Officer. These are the ONLY classes on campus that guarantee that you will have a job after you graduate. A career in the military as a leader will give you a tremendous boost when corporate employers see it on your resume. The ability to make tough decisions under pressure, the ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time, and the ability to supervise employees are key elements for any leader/manager.

You can be a part of the most powerful military land-force in the world. We are more lethal, better trained, and better equipped than any national force to meet today’s challenges of keeping the world’s peace. However, if Active Duty not in your future plans you can still take these classes and become a commissioned officer in the US Army Reserves or the Army National Guard and continue with your career and/or education. Many corporate leaders have military service on their resume’ and will attribute the experience to their individual success. Check out the rest of the web site and contact us. You won’t regret it.


“To recruit, retain, train, and contract quality Cadets in order to commission the future officer leadership of the U.S.  Army and to promote awareness of the Army on our campuses and in our surrounding communities."