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Chancellor's Faculty & Staff Awards

We take pride in recognizing the hard working team we have at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Below are the 2015 winners by category. If you are a UAPB employee and are interested in nominating yourself for an award, please view the criteria below. All submissions will be verified to confirm that individuals are active members of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Previous recipients are also ineligible to win in consecutive years.


Distinguished Teaching Award

This award recognizes those engaged in the highest quality teaching or instruction. Current UAPB faculty, lecturers, and instructors are eligible. Visiting faculty and student teaching assistants are ineligible. Individuals with appointments below 100% FTE are also eligible though breadth and depth of achievement weigh heavily. Each nomination is subject to verification.

1. Extensive knowledge and mastery of the subject matter
2. Innovation in course and curriculum design
3. Ability to inspire, guide, and mentor students through independent and creative thinking
4. Service as a mentor, collaborator, and consultant to other faculty and teaching assistants
5. Work that enriches the scholarship of teaching and learning

Nominations will be accepted from faculty, staff, students, and community partners.
Up to 3 awards annually.

2015 Recipients

Dr. Angela Andrade - Assistant Professor
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Andrade’s research interests lie within social psychology, particularly on issues of social inequality based on race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. She is currently involved in progressing four main lines of research in this vein: (1) the negative impact that sexist novels may have on women and society, (2) social class marginalization based on stereotypes, (3) racial subgroup prejudice, and (4) the personal and interpersonal costs of covering a sexual identity. She has an A.S. in International Studies, Spanish emphasis: Salt Lake Community College and received her B.S. in Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology from Westminster College. She also holds a M.S. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology: Oklahoma State University and a Ph.D. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology with training in Experimental Social Psychology, Lifespan Developmental Psychology (2014) from Oklahoma State University.
Dr. Tracy Dunbar - Assistant Professor
Department of Agriculture

Dunbar is a native of Marvell, Arkansas and graduated from Marvell High School in 1984. She studied at UAPB, receiving a bachelor's degree in science, majoring in agriculture economics in 1988. She obtained a master's degree in agriculture economics from Penn State University and later received her doctorate in resource development from Michigan State University in 1997. In 2009, Dunbar was appointed associate professor of agriculture economics at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.
Dr. Sederick Rice - Assistant Professor
Department of Biology

A 1994 graduate of UAPB, Dr. Rice has worked extensively with the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) and the Biomedical Sciences Careers Programs (BSCP), associated with the Harvard University Medical School, to promote opportunities for students interested in biomedical science fields and careers. Dr. Rice’s keys to success are a strong relationship with God, good mentor-relationships, and family support.

University Customer Service Award

This award recognizes those who exhibit the highest degree of customer service. The University is fortunate to have faculty and staff members who demonstrate continuous, meritorious performance. However, there are those whose performance consistently exceeds the standards and expectations set for their position. This award is intended to recognize those staff members whose commitment and performance has made a significant impact on the University. The awards will recognize the diversity of all ranks of staff members and represent a cross section of campus responsibility centers. All faculty and staff are eligible for this award, but administrators are not eligible.

1. If eligibility is confirmed, the nominee, nominee’s supervisor and nominator will receive notice of the nomination. Nominees should then collect supporting information based on the Criteria for Selection and submit it to the Award Committee Chair by the deadline.

2. Supporting information should include:
 - Letters of recommendation supporting the candidate’s nomination from individuals who have utilized their services (e.g., faculty, staff, students, alumni, etc.).
 - Listing of services that the candidate has performed for the University, including service on committees and task forces (i.e., process improvement teams, mapping teams, 
 - United Way, Staff Association Council, Equipoise, the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Concerns, etc.).
 - A statement of the nominee’s philosophy or core beliefs about customer service (not more than 1 page) should be included.
 - The Award Committee reviews submissions and deliberates, considering the purpose of the award and the criteria for selection.

1. Recommendation letters should give specific examples of how the nominee demonstrated a consistent pattern of extraordinary dedication to the University, consistently above and beyond the responsibilities of the nominee’s position, by addressing how the nominee:
a. Made exceptional contributions toward the effectiveness/efficiency in the workplace.
b. Implemented one or more innovative approaches which impact productivity.
c. Developed and/or implemented cost-saving plans, which enhance operation.
d. Exhibited consistently excellent customer service (e.g., assuring responsive, timely and professional service).
e. Demonstrated consistently positive interpersonal skills that support the diversity of the University community.
f. Volunteered for and/or worked on special projects.
g. Served on committees and made contributions.
h. Contributed to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment in the workplace.
i. Made special efforts to recognize excellence in others.
j. Took advantage of opportunities to improve work-related skills and abilities and/or encouraged others to do likewise.
k. Performed service to the University outside of the normal work environment.

(Up to 2 awards will be given for classified staff and 6 overall)

2015 Recipients

Vileara Jordan - Education Program Coordinator
Office of the Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences

Mrs. Jordan is currently an Education Program Coordinator within the School of Arts and Sciences where she manages the Dean’s office, providing all aspects of assistance to the Dean and departmental units within the School. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and a Master’s degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. 

Having spent many years of dedication in various positions at the University, Mrs. Jordan is well versed in University operations. She is always available to assist others and is extremely knowledgeable of the fiscal and administrative policies. 
Alicia Farmer - Instructor
Department of Agriculture

Alicia Farmer, M.S. is a native of Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Aquinas Catholic High School in 1982. She is a member of the UAPB Class of 1987, earning an bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She was employed with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, Technical Services and the Statewide Planning Division from 1987-1992. In 1992, the opportunity to pursue her dream career in Environmental Compliance and Enforcement became a reality.

She was employed with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality from 1992-2003. In 2003, she was the first Arkansas state regulatory personnel to complete a Master’s of Science Degree in Environmental Management from Webster University. Prior, to employment in 2004 with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) Regulatory Science Program, she served for many years as a UAPB Youth Motivation Task Force (YMTF) career consultant, Ms. Alumni UAPB/AM&N 1994-95, and was selected as one of the 2000 NAFEO UAPB/AM&N Distinguished Alumni.
William Haliburton - Skilled Trades Supervisor
Facilities Management

A native of Warren, Arkansas, Mr. Haliburton graduated from Warren high school and subsequently the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a Economics.

Mr. Haliburton works with special events,grounds landscaping,waste disposal and all other trades as needed.
He received certification from Southeast Arkansas College in mechanics and HVAC and also has a state board restricted use pesticide license. He is a giving individual who support his church and the Childress hall project. His goal everyday is to help keep your campus clean.

Brenda Matthews - Program/Project Specialist
School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences

Mrs. Brenda K. Matthews is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Management. She has been working in the UAPB/United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Liaison Office since 1989. Mrs. Matthews recruits and counsels students for the University and for USDA in Partnership with the USDA/1890 National Scholars Program Fellow Experience Program/Service Agreement between the UAPB and USDA agencies. She also works with outreach programs and serves as the University’s Federal Excess Personal Property Manager and has been instrumental in acquiring over six (6) million dollars in properties for the University from the Federal Government, which has included, dormitory and office furnishings, refrigerators, farm vehicles and heavy equipment, since the inception of the program. She is a strong believer of the vision and mission of the University, especially in the areas of recruitment and retention, and believes that all employees should work together for the betterment of our Prestigious University, the students, our future leaders, and stakeholders.
Stephanie Pugh-Williams - Program/Project Specialist
Alumni Affairs

Mrs. Williams has been working as program/project specialist in the office of alumni affairs/governmental relations since 1990. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She is responsible for management of the alumni scholarship endowment fund, the university’s trademark program, the collegiate license plate program (which provide scholarships to students), the homecoming scholarship golf tournament and the day to day operations of the alumni affairs/governmental relations office.

University Outreach and Engagement Award

This award recognizes all types of public service; it would reward those whose service have the greatest impact for the university. It is given annually to a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in community-based instruction, including public service internships and community partnership projects.

1. Demonstrates leadership in community-based instruction
2. Actively engages with public service and community partners
3. Demonstrates ability to integrate community-based experiences with classroom instruction and course work

(Up to 1 Award Annually)

2015 Recipient

Arlanda Jacobs - Extension Associate
Department of Agriculture

Mr. Arlanda Jacobs is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a B.S. Degree in Business. He is also a UAPB extension associate responsible for working with small and socially disadvantaged farmers (SSDFs) in Lee, Phillips, Arkansas and Monroe Counties. He conducts both vegetable crops and livestock production workshops in the area. He works collectively and individually with SSDFs in the area and is responsible for assisting farmers in obtaining approximately $2 million in loan funds annually and $300,000 annually in conservation funds to improve their land. He assist SSDFs in using good management practices such as using a specific herbicide weed control plan to control the Glyphosate Resistant Pigweed on approximately 20,000 acres of soybeans. He helps small vegetable producers to increase their income by adding high tunnels to their operation to extend their growing season and obtain better prices. He also provides SSDFs with education and information on estate planning and farm succession planning.

Distinguished Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award

This award recognizes those who produce the highest quality research, scholarship or creative activities, or grant funding for these types of activities.

1. Distinction in or contribution to his/her scholarly field;
2. Significant impact on communities, whether local, national, or global;
3. Significant impact on UAPB research communities (e.g., undergraduate research, mentoring or fostering graduate student research, interdisciplinary research projects, or leadership in a research center or broad research initiative). They should include a one-page letter that outlines the ways in which the nominee has provided distinction in one or more aspects of the criteria for the award, emphasizing significant accomplishments in recent years. Evidence of accomplishment should be considered. Such evidence could include: publications, citations, or reviews; external awards (federal or foundation funding, Fulbright, etc.); regional, national, or international recognition (professional or community awards), media coverage, demonstrated impact on UAPB students or research initiatives, election or appointment to significant organizations based on scholarly or creative achievements.
Up to 3 awards annually.

University Global Engagement Award

This award recognizes faculty and/or non- classified staff members for outstanding contributions to global education and international programs at the University or in their field or discipline. In addition to honoring individual faculty and staff members, the award—by identifying excellence in global engagement and by recognizing outstanding work—serves as a resource and inspiration to other faculty and staff. Non-classified staff could also be recognized for outstanding contributions to global education, global competency, cultural understanding and/or international programs at the University or in their field or discipline. The award honors individual faculty and staff who have distinguished themselves in their work, and serve as a resource and inspiration to other faculty and staff.

Faculty Nominees: Nominees must have been instrumental in promoting significant international understanding, global engagement, international education, and/or institution building, at home or abroad, either through their institutional position or in other leadership capacities. Identifying innovative educational opportunities, inspiring colleagues, students and staff to engage globally, and/or serving the global community as a leader are important hallmarks of the nominees in this category. Nominees must be current faculty members and must have been at the UAPB for at least five years and a major part of their international contributions must be in association with UAPB or have occurred during their employment at the UAPB.

Staff Nominees: Nominees must have been instrumental in advancing significant international understanding, global engagement, international education, at home or abroad. Innovation, creativity, and inspiration in promoting global education, cultural understanding, intercultural teaching and learning, and/or development of international learning among students, staff, and faculty are important hallmarks of the nominees in this category. Nominees must be a current staff member, and have worked at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff for a minimum of two years. The engagement with international education or global engagement must be in association with UAPB or have occurred during their employment at the UAPB.

(Up to 1 Award Annually)

All Awards:

Nominators: In order to ensure that the nomination is an open process, any individual within the University community, including students and alumni, may nominate a staff member for an Award.

All submissions will be verified to confirm that individuals are active members of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Previous recipients are also ineligible to win in consecutive years.

Individuals may not be nominated for more than one award. The committee will use discretion if an individual is nominated for two concurrent awards, and will move the nomination to the appropriate award category based on their best judgment. In addition, if a nominee meets and exemplifies the description of a particular award versus another award, the committee will use clear and concise judgment when deciding to move or not to move the individual’s nomination to a more suitable award category. The committee will give special consideration to nominees whose accomplishments contribute to the University’s national prominence. No award will be made in any category in which there is not a deserving nominee.

To apply, please forward a nomination letter and supporting materials to:

Mrs. Gladys Benford, Director of Administrative Services

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

1200 N. University Drive, Mail Slot #4942

Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Voice: 870-575-8405 | Fax: 870-575-4750 |