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Curriculum & Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has as its major function the professional preparation of licensed teachers at the early childhood, middle and secondary level. The programs lead to the Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Education. To meet and carry out these functions, the department offers a strong teacher education program that includes recognition by the Arkansas Department of Education, the department's ongoing educational trends, values and adjustments as determined by the learned societies and other specialists in the field of education and NCATE.


  1. To prepare students to become licensed teachers in the early childhood, middle and secondary schools.
  2. To develop in students the necessary professional traits that will enhance the learning atmosphere of these classrooms.
  3. To emphasize the value of methodology, planning and preparation as part of the teaching process.
  4. To teach prospective teachers how to develop learning objectives and goals, to evaluate student progress and to maintain discipline which is germane to learning.
  5. To coordinate, improve and enhance the function of the component parts of the department to ensure maximum efficiency of time, space and learning.
  6. To continually asses and make recommendations for the growth and improvement of the students, faculty and staff.

Program Areas

Early Childhood Education (P-4)
The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Education for future pre-service teachers or for teachers wishing to change licensure areas to work with children from a multi-ethnic background in urban and rural settings.

Middle Level
The Department offers basic and advanced degrees (4-8) in Language Arts/Social Studies and Math/Science.

Secondary Education
Programs in the Secondary Education teaching fields are: Agriculture Education, Art Education, Biology Education, Business Education, Chemistry Education, English Education, Human Sciences Education, Mathematics Education, and Music Education. Please confer with the Chairperson of the respective department as well as the Secondary Education advisor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Rehabilitation Services
This program is designed to prepare students to assist clients with disabilities in the vocational arena as they seek and gain employment.

Master of Education

For more information about the Master of Education Programs, please contact the Graduate Coordinator's office at 870-575-8246 or 870-575-8058 or Email