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In the event classroom instruction is interrupted due to emergency closures, faculty may need to use alternative teaching methods and tools to continue class activities online. Although teaching methods and course activities can vary by subject, instructors may need to continue the following essential activities:
• Consistent communication with students
• Delivery of course content
• Engaging students through discussion boards, group work, etc.
• Providing assignments, tests and grades
Students will have access to support services, including free tutoring online.

Guidance for Teaching Online

Student Readiness

• Provide students an opportunity to share their concerns privately regarding their technical ability, access to instructional technology, and the internet for completing course assignments, activities, and assessments.
• Faculty can create anonymous surveys in Blackboard or Google forms to query student readiness for online teaching and learning.
• Communicate with students as soon as possible regarding minimum technology requirements: reliable internet connection, microphone, speakers.
• Remind students they have access to Blackboard mobile and encourage them to download the app on their mobile devices.
• Remind students to conduct a browser check on their devices prior to logging into Blackboard to avoid any technical issues.
• Remind students that they have free access to Office365 as an UAPB student.

Instructor Readiness

• Employ Blackboard communication tools such as announcements, Blackboard Collaborate, and discussion boards to promote student-to-student and student-to-faculty communication and interaction.
• Upload important resources for your course, such as your course syllabus, notes, assignment directions, video, grading rubrics, and relevant appropriate supplemental resources.
• Create a simple and easy to navigate structure in your course.
• Create an individual folder for each lesson, unit, or module. Keep all related content together.
• Make a separate Blackboard Content page to link or attach your syllabus, schedule, and other administrative documents.
• Outline and present content in each folder consistently and in a similar manner.
• Minimize the use of folders within folders.
• When sharing and uploading digital documents and resources be mindful of accessibility.
• Develop a plan early to address proctored assessments likely impacted by campus and testing center closures
• Share a course schedule with students online so they can track important deadlines.
• Employ the Blackboard gradebook to communicate student’s grades and progress in the course.
• Employ the Blackboard Mobile Instructor app to access Blackboard on a mobile device.
• Instructions for processes, assignments/assessments, discussions are present and “transparent”
• Make a plan for how to conduct assessments online
• Decide when assignments will be due and communicate with students.
• Student Group Work resources

Communicating with Students Online

• Blackboard is the course management system for UAPB. All courses have a corresponding Blackboard course accessible to students and faculty by logging in via their UAPB ID. To initiate communication, a detailed email with instructions for how to access the Blackboard course along with the communication format should be sent to students to announce the transition to online.• Set overall expectations for how students should engage in communications, this includes but not limited to:
• Student-to-student communications such as discussion boards, email, google hangout, etc.
• Faculty-to-student communications via email – let students know what they should include such as the subject line indicating the course title, signing their full name, and a naming convention for submitting assignment documents.
• Note: Students must use their UAPB email for communication.
• Specify your expectations for how quickly you will respond to online communication. Example: “I will respond within 48 hrs during the week. I will respond to communications received on Friday by Monday. I do not check my email during the weekends.”

Online Discussions

• Share clear guidelines in the discussion prompt to help students understand your expectations for their contributions and interactions in the discussion board. These can include: writing style (e.g., formal/informal), number of posts required, including replies to other students, length of the initial response and response to other students (e.g., number of words), tone, and content (Is it answering the question? Helping the discussion move forward?).• Provide specific instructions for how to create discussion thread and how to reply – include a link to a tutorial, if possible.
• Threaded discussions are recommended to allow students to respond to each other multiple times. Threaded discussions also help keep the discussions organized.
• Plan on providing feedback to students in the discussion board.
• Create discussion prompts that require students to practice critical thinking and apply concepts to help avoid repetitive responses.

Online Assessment

Blackboard Support is a comprehensive knowledge base available online to answer all your Blackboard questions in one place. Find step-by-step instructions for every feature in Blackboard, including how to create tests, quizzes, assignments, and surveys to facilitate high-stakes assessment or simply to provide students with guided practice.

Web Conferencing Tools

UAPB has a web conferencing tool available for students and employees that is compatible with online instruction: Blackboard Collaborate
 Blackboard Collaborate

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Advisement Forms

Academic Early Warning Report
Academic Early Warning Report
Academic Early Warning Report
Academic Early Warning Report
Academic Early Warning Report
Application for Graduation  Student Data Form
Change of Major Form Course Substitution Form  Evaluation Form
Class Attendance Policy and Notification of Excessive Absences Degree Plan Form 1 Degree Plan Form 2
Request for Concurrent Enrollment or Transfer of College Credits Student/Advisor Conference Sheet Monthly Advisory Form
Use and Distribution of Academic Advisement Forms Registration Course Entry Form Referral Form
Student Evaluation Sheet

Student Course Record Report of I Grade

This (facility, program, lab, activity) is funded in part by a grant from the U. S. Department of Education, Office of Post-Secondary Education, Institutional Services Program (Title III, Part B, Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program).

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Faculty Professional Development Program

The UAPB Faculty Professional Development Program is designed to directly impact the effectiveness of teaching. In line with the University’s mission, the Faculty Professional Development initiative will integrate quality instruction and student learning experiences that promote and sustain a culture of excellence in academic programs.

Faculty will be able to participate in on and off campus professional development opportunities scheduled throughout the semester. Faculty development workshops will also be provided through web-based instruction which can be accessed at any time

Objective 1:
To increase the number of faculty who demonstrate diversified teaching strategies by 20% each year above baseline of 30% by September 30, 2022

Objective 2:
To establish the 1st online degree program of 100% above the 2017-2018 baseline of zero programs by September 30, 2022.

This (facility, program, lab, activity) is funded in part by a grant from the U. S. Department of Education, Office of Post-Secondary Education, Institutional Services Program (Title III, Part B, Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program).

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