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Basic Academic Services

The primary role of Basic Academic Services (BAS) is to assist freshmen in making a smooth transition to college life at UAPB. The area:

  • Plans and implements a series of orientation activities throughout the academic year;
  • Provides registration advising to freshmen (students with fewer than 30 semester hours);
  • Provides follow-up advising and counseling to freshmen;
  • Coordinates and provides teaching personnel for two orientation courses;
  • Offers a number of opportunities for students to develop leadership skills;
  • Assists in the administration of the CAAP (Rising Junior Examination);
  • Makes referrals for students to other campus units, sources, and personnel relative to tutorial assistance and other support services;    
  • Reviews students' progress toward the successful completion of the general education requirements and determines their eligibility for exiting University College; and,
  • Performs research and evaluation relative to BAS program improvement and to student performance.
All freshmen are assigned an academic advisor from Basic Academic Services. To obtain the name of their assigned advisor, students should report to the BAS Office, 150 Corbin Hall. Transfer students with fewer than 30 hours should report to BAS for advisement and for review of their transcripts. Transfer student with more than 30 hours, who have declared a major, should report to the departmental in which they are majoring for academic advisement and for reveiw of transcripts. Undecided transfer students should report to the Dean's Office in University College.


The two orientation courses, Personal and Social Development (BAS 1210) and Career and Life Planning (BAS 1120), are required of all degree-seeling students. There will be absolutely no waivers of these courses. A weekly (each Thursday) laboratory is part of the Personal and Social Development course, and attendance at the lab is required. These course should be taken during the first two semesters of matriculation at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.


BAS also plans, coordinates, and implements new student orientation activities for both freshmen and transfer students. These activities familiarize students with the University environment and services, including financial aid, academic units, support services, and other resources. They also introduce them to key University officials. Once a student is admitted to the University, he receives from the Office of BAS or from the Dean of University College a letter informing him/her of the dates and schedule of activities. Participation in these activities is required.


BAS provides a number of "orientation seminars" for students who are unable to attend the fall, spring or summer orientation sessions. The seminars address such topics such as study skills, interpersonal relationships, time management, test-taking and stress management. To receive orientation credit, a student must attend a prescribed number of these seminars. Generally, students cannot receive a passing grade in Personal and Social Development until he/she has participated in the required orientation activities.